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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Gift......................

When you think of a gift, what does it mean to you? We all receive gifts that we often do not like, do not really appreciate or have no use for. I believe we need to think beyond the object.
What is more precious than a hand full of straggly wild flowers given by a child. It has no value but has much love in it. (not my picture)
 photo Little_Girl_With_Flowers_NYC_Child_Photography_zpsh8bxyiqm.jpg
I remember sometimes at Christmas my granddaughter Alex would be scrambling to open gift after gift with no thank yous and throwing aside ones that did not please. There was no gratitude or appreciation of any of them. True the "giver" was not present but we were. She was later diagnosed with a personality disorder me that was no excuse. She did come to understand how that particular trait was taken by others.
To me, if someone took the time to select and buy me a gift, then it really doesn't matter if I do not like it or have no use for it. For me, it really is the thought that counts. Even if it is just a passing thought. For a moment the person thought of me and bought a gift. I never give away or return a gift. Maybe others feel different and feel that it's a waste if they can not use the item, but that is simply being "commercial" somehow, the gift is more than that. If it comes from a loved one or friend then it will forever remind you of that person, even after they are gone. If it was something useless then even that is a story to tell and a memory and maybe a laugh or two. Treasure those things.
Some gifts are beyond price.
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God gave us not only the gift of life itself but the power to live forever. His ultimate gift was of His son, Jesus Christ. Jesus willingly became the sacrifice that wiped out the bad things (sin) that we have ever thought or done so that God never sees those things. It makes us clean before God.
My Mother always had a problem with the concept that she was a "sinner". She felt she was a good person and she was. That is not the point though, even a very bad person has some good in them, maybe they love their dog if nothing else. So too we all have bad things in us. Life is a journey, we try and try to be better. Still things happen. A bad word or deed, a habit we do not want to break. Angry thoughts even if we control our actions. Those things we can not help but God is perfect and can not accept anything less into His Kingdom. Therefore we all fail. We can please God though, we can become a part of His Kingdom.
Jesus tells us to remain apart from this world even though we live in it. There are certain obligations that we can not avoid and we are told to pay our taxes and abide by the law of the land. When it comes down to a choice though, we must remember we are a part of God's Kingdom, not this one. God always gives us the choice though. We choose to believe or to not believe, we may not understand everything but that is what Faith is. I believe.
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Some believe it's a fairy tale. Yet they believe in Ghosts and UFO's...........well if you read your bible all that is explained. Too long to go into here.
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Its a fascinating book and the Spirit world exists. That is not for us though, not yet. Maybe not ever but God has a plan for each one of us and so death is a journey and leads to a whole new existance. Such a gift. One we should accept and be very very grateful for. Life is GOOD. Even the worst days end. Love life.
Make the most of every single day. By knowing that death is but a transition there is no fear. Well maybe the method is a bit iffy but in general its not something to dread.
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You only live once, well you only have this life once so thank God for it, for every day that you wake up. Appreciate the small things, seek the wonder you had as a child. Every good thing comes from God..................there is evil in the world. We can not ignore that but it is OUR job to make the world around us beautiful. We can only "bloom where we are planted" and do the best we can while we can. Don't be selfish with your things, your money, give what you can to those who have less, or need help. Make someone smile. You can't take anything with you when you leave this world. Don't stockpile things and save them for later enjoy them now.
I just cleaned out my closets. I had at least 4 really nice dresses that I never wore, some had tags on. What on earth was I saving them for? I gave them to Laura who will wear them and enjoy them. I will enjoy seeing them and enjoyed the pleasure it gave her. It taught me a lesson. THINGS...........things are of no comfort, they can not make you happy only by giving things away can we spread joy.
Gifts that come from the heart should be treasured and spread and passed on to gift the gift of a smile. Remember that little book that came out a long time ago "Random Acts of Kindness"...............yes do that. I am linking up with Inspire me Tuesday at a stroll thru life.


Laura Rodriguz said...

beautiful words of wisdome

Magic Love Crow said...

Truly beautiful Janice! Big Hugs!