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Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Sand Dunes.................

It has been so cold, so drab and grey. I think both Laura and me have been feeling blah and in much need of some exercise. We didn't feel much like doing anything but I called and asked to go to breakfast. Well it turned out more like lunch but anyway, as it's Spring break we had Reina with us. We went to the Flap Jack Shack and got breakfast anyway. I am not sure how it happened but we found ourselves heading out for a ride. As we drove along Cedar Run Rd we could see some blue sky ahead in the distance. We headed that way. As usual we headed towards Glen Arbor. First stop was Glen Haven. In summer they have a few things going on there but now its all locked up. This hotel was built in the 1800s and stands empty now. Pity. It would make a great cafe and gift shop
 photo DSCN8931_zps1cctzgcy.jpg
This is the old Canning company, it now houses boats on display in summer.
 photo DSCN8921_zps88wimgje.jpg
Glen Haven hosts a smithy and an old fashioned sweet shop. Maybe later they will do something with the other buildings. Anyway, we went to see how high the water was and boy was it windy and cold. We put on some sweaters and coats that Laura had in the car. It about blew us over. Well it was a quick glance and back to the car.
 photo DSCN8929_zps00zt8mqg.jpg
 photo 540027_1015j_zpsp707nrlf.jpg
it was rather Brrrrrr
 photo 17626548_10155122325194761_2218390233863385433_n_zpshqrhwmj8.jpg
Just down the road is the lighthouse. My camera was not working well and I have missed a lot of the pictures, because a lot of them are missing. Ah well. So I took a couple of pictures of the lighthouse and then we decided to explore a trail we have not been on in donkey's years.
 photo DSCN8933_zpseklwsn1n.jpg
It was warmer in the trees. They have upgraded many of the trails around here from back in the olden days haha...........well it was well worth it and the wind was from a different direction and a bit sheltered until you got up on top of the Dunes.
 photo 17626570_10155122330199761_6413461587437693971_n_zps8oflbxl5.jpg
Look at some of the sand sculptures
 photo 17626143_10155122328184761_4288422682903534216_n_zpslu2dyt3m.jpg
.....and the views.
 photo 17634751_10155122328214761_6041680042956314264_n_zpszljbr5zn.jpg
 photo 17553650_10155122326824761_6575493347101913689_n_zps2ajstmc1.jpg
 photo 17626379_10155122327269761_5220565110475959431_n_zpsnxj5tej5.jpg
 photo 17629923_10155122325689761_6562137556930699476_n_zpsacgqhspd.jpg
Reina had fun going up and down the dunes. I had to be careful because I could not see very well. It was windy and I was afraid of getting blown off the bluffs haha.
Actually you do have to be careful because you can start a sand avalanche. Really. When the sand thaws and gets loose it can slide.
After we left we headed for Port Oneida. We began to see some wild life. The Sand Cranes are in pairs. Must be that time of year.
 photo DSCN8972h_zpstnm36ghv.jpg
We love that area and drove up through the woods on the two tracks. Look at the bark on this tree
 photo 20170331_161402_zpsmn6spbis.jpg
A few of the creatures we saw were Canada Geese and More Sand Hills napping in the reeds.
 photo DSCN8973k_zpsftzab5dw.jpg
 photo DSCN8989k_zpsa1ewno5u.jpg
Then we saw Turkeys. There is a turkey talking to them AND THEY ARE LISTENING and talking back.
 photo 17554203_10155k_zpss0obkoq0.jpg
 photo DSCN8984_zpsy74zvsuo.jpg
We went on leaving the young turkeys to their turkey business. When we got back down from the hills we remembered the road that was closed. I have wanted to go and see why it's closed. My guess was right, it was indeed flooded. For years there have been an active Beaver population there. So look what the little beasties have done to the road.
So cool that they have been left to do their thing. As I got closer I was sure that I saw something.
 photo 17553661_10155122336064761_4014447872813396370_n_zpsvowyds2i.jpg
Sure enough, it was a beaver. A small one, very busy. It did not care one bit that we watched and took video. look at their work.
 photo 17629880_10155122331894761_6759192397260885431_n_zpsqbhebqzq.jpg
 photo 20170331_164833_zpsxbtan94o.jpg
 photo 20170331_164842_zpscck1qswa.jpg
Here he is working his heart out, can you see him?
 photo 20170331_164134_zpsecz6qbyb.jpg
 photo 20170331_163921_zps8n1um0gt.jpg
By this time my regular camera was out of commission battery dead and the phone almost dead as well. Still we got a few pictures but most of all we got to watch the little chap busy as a beaver. The whole area is changing due to the Beaver activity. You should read the account of "How the Wolves changed the course of the river" and we can see it here in our little environment. We could show Reina how they chewed the trees down, how they ate the grasses and shoots, How they took the twigs off of the felled trees and build their dams and homes.
I was able to show her how after time the trees decompose and enrich the soil, we could see the moss growing on the ground and if you looked careful it was on a dead tree. Many had fungi growing on them.
 photo 20170331_171749_zpspmhcsfju.jpg
Saw this cute little nest.
 photo 20170331_165114_zpstbdkbogi.jpg
The Woodpeckers help as well. As trees die they are still a part of the circle of life.
 photo 20170331_164614_zpsmmjouhai.jpg
 photo 20170331_163107_001_zpsyadehwfw.jpg
Laura and Reina saw two Blue Herons (everyone is in pairs, yup it's Spring folks)
My camera was out of juice so I missed that shot but it was awesome to see them.
As we left Port Oneida the view was like a watercolour painting
 photo 20170331_173205_zpsaoij2dz9.jpg
On the way home we stopped at the new walkway and had a look over the new lake. We walked around and saw some Muskrats they too were very busy. I am sure they too were building their homes and nesting. Can you spot the Muskrat?
 photo 17630156_10155122337734761_4791005392591445085_n_zpsdp357cgg.jpg
 photo 17626634_10155122337564761_261731143058492596_n_zpspftfrnjh.jpg
There is a cute little log cabin there. I want to find out more about it.The trail passes the historic North Unity School (log cabin) and crosses the edge of Narada Lake on a boardwalk. So I will try to find out more about that for next time.
 photo 17457752_1015h_zpsc06urggk.jpg
There was still ice on the lake. It was so pretty.
 photo 539883_10155122338109761_5107913840751962041_n_zpsvj25dm8u.jpg
We are going to try to go back next week if there is some good weather. School will be in so we can set out early. We want to walk around the bike trail and find out more about the cabin. There is also a path we saw now the snow is gone that goes down to the lake. Excited to explore more.
 photo DSCN89_zpsnoxnog8s.jpg
Well we did a few more things as we were up in the hills but enough for one day. It was so good to feel the sun. Notice we had shed our coats as it warmed up. We got home around 6.30 and Reina napped on the way home. Think we tired her out. It was a good day.
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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, what an adventurous day!! You girls sure do go exploring! Love all the photos! The turkeys, the beavers, the muskrat! All too cute! Big Hugs!