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Monday, July 24, 2017

Babysitting again........................

It has been a couple of weeks now, Brittany came back to live in Traverse City. A friend of Alex, I am happy to help out. So here I am till school opens again watching Ryland and Brodie. Great kids, and quiet woo hoo. Brittany is working her butt off to be a nurse assistant but I bet she wont stop there. Anyway apparently this town is lacking in day care. One day she called 35 and had no luck. So here I am again watching kids.
 photo 20228706_10154475818416595_7679414733151676443_n_zps5lwa7nlk.jpg
Now Gabby is living with us again, it's like old times. She was living here when I watched Ryland when she was a baby. Ryland does not remember. So that means that Cooper is here and is the same age as Brody. That works sort of well. They get along. Thing is keeping them "entertained".......Ryland likes Reina who has been hanging out a bit here. When Laura works Reina has wanted to stay here instead of at home. In fact she just spent 3 days here.
We have done stuff, and went for ice cream and today we went to the park. Brodie and Ryland getting their exercize.
 photo 20170724_115147_zpsrqzlx222.jpg
 photo 20170724_115217_zps097uh8uz.jpg
We took them to the playground on Silver Lake where we used to take Tristen. They played for awhile and then we went for a walk. Off we go......
 photo 20170724_120335_zpsb5jhs8o1.jpg
Waiting for Nanny to catch up........I was taking pictures.
 photo 20170724_120533_zpstuw90tuw.jpg
It was a lovely breezy day and sunny. This is Brody being shy.
 photo 20170724_120732 1_zpsd83lzqyt.jpg
nice day for a walk. The Waterlily were beautiful, like a painting.
 photo 20170724_120719_zpsjrxnpbr6.jpg
 photo 20170724_120810_zpsfs7efkqx.jpg
Boy am I out of shape. Even with it being coolish today I was huffing and puffing. It has either been too hot or raining so we have not been out walking as we usually have. It will take awhile to get back in shape and then it will be winter. This next picture looks like they are all in trouble but thats not the case haha. That's Gabby watching over the flock.
 photo 20170724_121611_zps5jgvgl0b.jpg
I was looking for Dragon fly, but no pictures today.
 photo 20170724_121720_zpsv0ulxcjj.jpg
Maybe when school starts I can get out more when it's cooler. I am still needing to catch up on the garden. Pretty soon we will be raking leaves.
 photo 20170724_121652_zpsrmlhcttx.jpg
When we walked back they played at the park again for quite awhile and after that we went for ice cream. A good days work I think.


NanaDiana said...

I have not been blogging or visiting regularly with all that is going on here. I did go back and read the last post about 'home' though. That is amazing country and I love that solstice is celebrated there like it is in Stonehenge. That statue of Arthur is an amazing piece of artwork~almost haunting.

I am not surprised you are babysitting again. LOL. I know that you are a soft touch with a heart for kids. You are a good soul!!! I am glad the kids are quiet kids though-well behaved and happy. It makes it a lot easier to take care of kids when they are quiet.

Hope you have a blessed, peaceful week. xo Diana

Kay G. said...

Bless you, taking care of those kids, you will get your reward in heaven, you know!
I LOVE the photos of the water lilies, they are gorgeous!
I hope you are able to get some rest, you must remember to take care of yourself too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, you are a good person!! Looks like you had a fun day! Take care of yourself! Big Hugs!