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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Down by the riverside........

Gabby and Cooper came with me for a walk down by the river. Our destination was the Bookie Joint. That is a place that you can bring books that you are done with and get credit for them to get books you have not yet read. I gave all my old books to Gabby so that she can have the credit there. So off we went. It was rather hot so I parked near 6th st so we didn't to have walk so far. Last time it was a tad further than we thought. So this time we were prepared.
 photo 20170630_114856_zpsce2rkvdm.jpg
 photo 20170630_114901_zpsfkykku7c.jpg
Like most other places in this town, this old walk by the river has been cleaned up and made delightful. Maybe because they built apartments on the other side. I was sad to see someone left beer cans and some garbage down there not something one usually sees.
Cooper spotted a butterfly
 photo 20170630_115100_zpsrrnje77g.jpg
 photo 20170630_115102_zpsdbcimbuj.jpg
He didn't catch it though. The geese and babies were gone this time and no wild life.
Cooper did find the hollow tree and was as fascinated as Tristen was last time we were there
 photo 20170630_115338_zpsc3t8eicu.jpg
 photo 20170630_115352_zps0reno77k.jpg
The view from the bridge above.
 photo 20170630_115529_zpsertdsdki.jpg
Walked on to the Bookie Joint where I found 4 books for 20 bucks.
 photo 20170630_115544_zpsbakx2xxj.jpg
Well it was even hotter walking back it was good to get in the car and crank the cold air.


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