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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Mum at 65?...............

When Alexandra died she left behind her 18month old son Tristen.


At the time of her death they were still living with me. In fact Tristen has always lived here with us. So it seemed the best thing for him that he remain in an invironment that he was used to. After all his little world was terribly shaken. Thank God he was not in the car with Alex that night. It had been a great day for everyone and so he had his first day of sledding. He is too young to remember that but...........if he on some level does remember Alex it will be her smile, her energy and her love for him.
Now he has me and Granddad who are both in our 60s already. We just love him and will always do our very best for him. His grandpa Dan, Alex's dad is co guardian. We set it up that way in case something should happen to me before Tristen is old enough to make descision. He will never lack for people who love him that's for sure. We have a large family and he is a popular young man.
I can not think ahead yet to school days, to sports days, to concerts and all the things that go with that. Dan will then play a major role in his life. We will make descisions together and I would like to try to get Tristen into private schools so that we dont have to cope with the things that go on in public schools. I want him to get a good education with sport as an aside sort of thing, not the main focus. Alexandra was a cheerleader and athletic as I am sure her son will be, but not his main focus. Study...languages, knowledge and hard work. I want to cultivate a love of nature and animals and appreciation of the world around him and see for himself what God has blessed us with. He will follow his own course but his early years do help to form the man he will become.
Pray for us..........


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