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Monday, March 28, 2011

What we take for granted.............

For many years I have bought and collected books, art supplies and well, anything that I felt I needed for later. I figure if I don't read them right away that's OK because at some point I won't be in a position to spend money like I had been when I was working. Well that day came quicker than we thought. The economy as it is now........however I am pretty well stocked with unread books, with magazines I want to keep to read again. So....what is the problem then.
What I have always taken for granted is my eyesight. My kids called me Hawkeye......sometimes because they thought I had eyes in the back of my head but not only that. I could find a pin on the road or find almost anything because I had great vision. I could see at a distance just about anything.....I also had good observation skills that helped too.
So what went wrong. My right eye started to change colour. Rather strange. My eyes are hazel but the right eye started to be more so, almost green. I pointed it out when I finally needed to get glasses for work when I was about 40. No one thought anything of it. Then later the pressure seemed high in that eye, again no alarm, it came and went but my vision was not so crisp in that eye. Then a few years ago I went for new glasses because there was a good deal at Sears. The optician sent me to a specialist because the pressure was up again. She said I had something called Fuch's and gave me some eye drops. She said it was a rare condition and she had not seen it before and she brough someone else in to confer.
The drops did not work, in fact made it worse. My sight started to get blurry. I started to get cataracts in that eye. She thought maybe surgery but I could not afford that and so she gave me more drops. They did not work, she exhausted her supply of choices in drops and my sight got worse the more she tried to control it the worse it got. So I just left as it cost so much for exams all the time and it was not resolving anything.
Well...........I did not go back until a few months ago when I got a different doctor. He too said it was rare and by this time my pressure was 15 in the left eye and 60 in the right make a long story short. I will have lost the vision in that eye. It happened quite quickly. I am now learning to adjust and its sometimes funny, as perspective is off. I am not sure what I can do and what I can not but will be rather cross if I have accumulated all this stuff and can not use it. So
..........don't count on tomorrow, all we really have is today. I better start reading, painting and sewing while I still can. There are no guarantees that I wont develop this in the other eye but I pray not.
I just told the doctor to keep the other eye healthy and I will be happy with that. Poor man is upset that he cant help, I said hey I still have another one. That is why God gave us two of everything.
Appreciate what you have and take good care of may not last.
Think I am better off not driving unless its an emergency. I can handle that. I can see on the computer just fine. I just have to be aware and careful I can handle things. People are not used to me not seeing well and I frequently walk into people. Anyway I am truly grateful for what I once had and appreciate how amazing my vision once was because not everyone was blessed with such an amazing gift.


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