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Friday, March 23, 2012

Church Bells..............

I do so miss the sound of church bells. They ring out on a Sunday morning all over Britain, calling worshiper's to church. They ring out the news when people are married. Change ringing is a particular facet of English bellringing where bells are rung in mathematical sequence. Wedding cards commonly show bells: this is founded on the tradition of ringing changes as the wedding couple leave the church.
They toll at funerals far differently than the joyful peel at a wedding, one can almost feel it in the soul, that sadness that is unmistakable.

Houghton Regis Parish Church.

In World War II in Great Britain, all church bells were silenced, to ring only to inform of an invasion by enemy troops. They have been used since ancient times for similar reasons. For centuries, church bells have summoned, celebrated, reminded and commemorated. Originally, they served communities as a tool of mass communication for both spiritual and secular matters. Not needed so much these days with all our modern technology but still they are something wonderful that is an art, the bell ringers skill must not be lost in the bustle of modern life. I know I miss waking to the sound on a Sunday morning.


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Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

They still ring out in our village!