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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

" A man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures......and that is the basis of human morality"
J.F. Kennedy.


I do not often admire a politician. I realize now that JFK may not have been exactly the man we thought he was. History is not always kind. However, much like Bill Clinton his faults were on a personal level. In my opinion. I remember how much JFK was admired at the time. He was young (although at the time I did not understand that, I was young, to me he was old) and good looking with a beautiful family. He was idealistic and stood for things I admired then and now. I really loved his brother Bobby for the same reasons. Together they were a great team. They tried to change things in a time that was much in need of change. Just coming out of a time when race was a huge issue he stood up for those who could not speak for themselves. He promoted the idea of country before self..... Of service to people, of personal sacrifice and involvement.
We need to get back to that. We seem to have come to the point where "what's in it for me" over rides what is good for the whole. Our laws are even geared towards the rights of the individual rather than the rights of the majority.
How do we get back to personal accountability?
I believe it begins with individuals saying this is enough and I will make a change in my own life and family. I will do an honest days work for an honest days wage. If you don't like your employer get another one. We need leaders who will bring out the best in us. I won't get into politics here because that is not what my blogs are about.
I find it ironic though, that certain individuals persecuted Bill Clinton for his lack of morals while doing the exact same thing themselves. Yet people ignore the one and hold the other up to ridicule. I do not defend either man but we need to maybe condemn less and look to our own selves. That is not to say we shouldn't try to get individuals into office who are moral family people and who can lead by example. It can not be impossible.
A person who has a certain religion can not impose his religious belief on others. That is not to say that we can make wrong right, or right wrong. Certain things are a question of morality no matter the religion. Those morals need to be taught at home and in church. To some degree also in school. Right and wrong is not a question of religion but ethics. The golden rule.............Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you. That seems to say it all.

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