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Monday, March 26, 2012

Visit to Alex in March................

We went to visit today. A nice sunny and very brisk day. We took Tristen and Reina who were cooped up in the house and it was a last minute descision when the temperature went up a couple of degees. They were driving us up the wall they were so noisy. we went.
Gerry is showing the picture to Tristen, he always points it out. Tristen is saying "mama's house". He know's his mama lives there. I know he does not yet understand but at this point he accepts and is happy with this. Reina knows more, she is 6 now and Alexandra's youngest sister. Tristen is still only 2 1/2. We feel that if he grows up knowing all this it will fall into place for him as time goes on. Reina said "I wish Alex was still with us" and we said that we did too.
Then they were off and running, happy to play in a place they are comfortable being. We think that its great that childish laughter rings out among the graves of mostly children in the area that Alex is buried. Her step family are close by too. Across the way is her Grandmother Schaub. So she is not here alone. Some day I hope to join her.
Till then her son and young sister play by her and spend some happy time with her..............

How can it be? the sun still shines but she is gone.
How can it be? that the birds still sing, don't they know that she's not here?
How can everything still be the same?
The garbage man came today, didn't he know? How can he not know?
There is an empty space in the world, can you not see?
It seems so obvious to me.
Nothing is the same and it never will be again.
Yet the world continues on as before oblivious, insensitive to her loss.
JKS (an old poem I wrote that seems to fit in here)

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Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

I think it is lovely that Reina has a big smile on her face when she is visiting her sister. And I am loving her hat! I think taking Tristen to visit like this when he is too young to understand will help him as he gets older.