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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mad dogs..............

"Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun" is part of a song lyric by Noel Coward. It feels about right this year here in Michigan. This Englishman (woman) is staying inside in the central air. Even walking from car to store is a drain on the energy levels. This has to have been the worst summer ever for heat around here. Or maybe I am just feeling it more these days. I would not care so much if it was not also humid. I know my poodles do not want to go outside. They will use the piddle pads rather than go outside. I feel so bad for the wild life. 100_0283 Please help as much as you can. Would you? I have dishes of various sizes and shapes. The above picture is a hanging glass dish and I see bees and butterflys sipping there. I have a concrete bowl that sits among the ground cover in the shade and little critters can sip there. I have three bird bath/fountains that I keep full all the time. Photobucket I love to see the birds cooling off in the bird baths and sprinklers. They love it when I spray the garden and I wet the leaves on the trees. They can cool off under the water sprinkles. Photobucket If you are caretakers of large animals that live outside be sure to have plenty of water. Especially horses, they need to have shelter also. Somewhere to get out of the sun or they will get sunburns. Dogs who live outdoors need constant cold water and shade. I hate to see a dog kept outside in any case. They need to live inside with you. If you EVER see a dog left in a car, treat the situation as you would if it were a child. Call the police, break the window if you need to and if by some chance they dare to prosecute you I can guarantee that if you get it in the paper people will help you pay any fine. Its worth it to me to save the life, you must decide yourself what you are willing to do. It is a horrendous death and as far as I am concerned I don't care how long you are going to be gone, accidents happen, people get delayed and it can be too late to save your furry friend. DO NOT DO IT.

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NanaDiana said...

Great post-We, too, have had an awful summer here in WI. The humidity just does me in! It is so true what you say about pets and the poor animals. WE are their caretakers and need to be on guard for them at all times- xo Diana