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Friday, December 7, 2012


It will soon be here. Soon be time for Christmas. Jason is coming home Christmas Eve and leaving Boxing Day. He doesn't want to leave his cats too long because Cole is new and Dexter has still got to settle down after loosing Chewy. That means there will probably be Laura and Robert, Reina and Jason, Tristen and me and Gerry for dinner. I am thinking of a ham for a change from turkey and maybe an English beef roast with Yorkshire pudding. I found a cheesy mashed potato recipe I want to do with the ham. I will do roast potatoes for the beef. I love to have left overs. Christmas-crackers1 I used to get a set of Christmas crackers to have with dinner. I am not sure if I will find any this year as its rather late. I have a lot of shopping to do and I have been sick. I have to spend money now on the poodle Bijou who just had surgery so it will be a really pared back Christmas for us this year. Each year I have been trying to cut back. I have been used to spending what ever I wanted and I love giving gifts. I did better last year but this year will be even more of a challenge. That's OK too..............time to remember the reason for the season. I want to emphasize to Tristen that it's Jesus birthday celebration and why we will celebrate His birth. He will hear Christmas music and movies. We agreed he could have Christmas Eve with his Auntie Laura and go around the Commin's family but he is to be home Christmas morning to have Christmas with us.
This weekend I am hoping to put up a tree. This I know is not a part of the real meaning of Christmas but I do love the glitter and beauty and even though these things have roots in pagan practices, I think they have evolved so far now as to be nothing but a symbol of Christmas. I can accept that. I try to be careful when it comes to my Faith. I find that the Love and family and giving at Christmas is a worth while thing. I keep Santa out of the equation. Oh I don't mind little kids seeing Santa in the Mall and telling stories as long as they know it's fantasy. Like fairies. saint-stephen-the-martyr-08 I prefer to dwell on the Angels singing to the shepherds and the wise men from the east. All a part of Christmas but really none of them were there at Christ's birth. We have lumped it all together in one glorious day. I can deal with that and explain that later when the children are older. People may think of all that as fantasy, but I do not. I believe it all happened. Just not at Christmas as we know it. Photobucket I love to decorate. I am hoping I will be able to decorate this weekend. christmas-ornaments Tristen is 3 this Christmas, he will understand a little more than last year. I want to be sure its not all about the gifts this time around. Maybe take him shopping to get "Granddad" a gift and one for Uncle Jason so that he can learn to give as well as recieve. We shall see. No matter what we will have a good Christmas and try to get back to the real meaning of the season.


Noelle the dreamer said...

What lovely crackers! I hope you will indeed feel better and able to decorate, including putting up a tree. A touch here and there allows for festive mood and does not detract from the real reason for the Season. Menu sounds lovely (especially roast and Yorkshire pudding!)
Blending two sets of traditions allowed us to introduce our children to SinterKlaas to enable them to understand Christmas is all about Christ. Santa Claus or Pere Noel brings only a small token for all. Boxing Day is perfect for a good dinner and gathering the family (actually but for our now grown kiddies, everyone is back overseas).

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Roast Beef and tradition roasted oven potatoes sounds perfect, I love a tradional English Christmas Day dinner...
Hope you get to feeling better soon, it's not much fun having a list of 'to do's' when you are under the weather.
My grandchildren look for those Christmas Crackers each year, it's a family tradition, wearing the paper hats at the dinner table :)
Yours look beautiful....