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Friday, December 14, 2012

Who I am.............

Sometimes people take me to seriously.They analyze my every word when what I said may have been just a passing thought. Or maybe a frivolous comment, not an insight into my soul. Nor a reflection of who I am, or who I want to be, or who I will become. I see you as a person, not good, not bad just you. Not who you were a year ago or who you will be a year from now. We live and grow and change moment by moment, day by day. It takes a lifetime to form who we will become in the end. A lifetime of growth and spiritual renewal. If we are very lucky we will be a better person at the end than at the beginning. TheGuardianAngelofSPIRITUALGROWTH


NanaDiana said...

I hear you- sometimes I say things and think---well, that isn't what I MEANT even though that is what I said! I agree with you- I think sometimes we tend to slip into who we were in the past or project who we think we might become in the future instead of living in the here and now- xo Diana

Cindy Adkins said...

Love this, Janice. All we really have is "now."

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful Janice!

Kay G. said...

I tell my son, "Don't listen to what I say, listen to what I mean!"
Luckily, he does and he understands me and loves me!
By the way, love your watercolours that you showed us that you had painted. You are one talented lady! xx

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Janice!
Your blog is elegant and artfully designed!
I'm so glad you stopped by. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
Blessings and a Merry christmas!