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Friday, January 11, 2013

Church Bells.........

I may have posted about this before but as Christmas has just passed and I missed the sound so much. I will repeat myself maybe.
In Houghton Regis the church that has stood there since Saxon Times, rings its bells on sundays and for weddings and special occasions. I can not believe that in this day and age people complain that the bells wake them up. Duh!!!! they are supposed to. Its a call to get ya lazy bum our of bed and git to church. There was a time this was madatory. (smile) Although in those days people had more reverence, more faith and yes superstition.

My uncle was a bell ringer. He practiced during the week, well they all did but Sunday morning was a joy. Church bells ring all throughout Britain calling the faithful (whats left of them) to church.


I am not sure how much strength it takes to move those bells but from what I have seen, once you get going they drag you off the ground. Did anyone watch "All Creatures Great and Small"? Well Tristen was a bell ringer because of the bell ringers evenings at the pub. I am not sure he did it for any other reason, he could get away from Sigfried for the evening with legitimate reason and they also had a bell ringers outing. So maybe that was part of the attraction for Uncle Harold.


I have heard bells chime in a local church but its just not the same because its not a real church. I mean its a church all right but not one of those stone churches that are so old that the bells were used for more than just Sundays. In England the bells were quiet during the war,,,,,,,,,reseved for invasions should it come, as it would have been used hundreds of years ago. I love that significance. Just like with the beacons that are lit in times of rejoicing or trouble.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Love the post Janice. The last photo reminds me of Birsmorton...
I very much miss the bell tolling on Sundays!
Chuckled at the notes on 'All Creatures Great & Small' (a favourite of ours) and I think you are quite correct, this must have been Tristan's way of escaping Sigfried!
Blessings and keep warm (29 F on the coast at present),

lorik said...

When we visited England we spent much time exploring beautiful little churches just like this one. Even browsed at the gravestones (our family is from UK-mine long ago and husband's mother). Beautiful photo.
And thank you so much for identifying my "ruins". And to think you had just visited there recently!!