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Sunday, January 27, 2013


When I was first married we lived in Bedford (Bedfordshire)we rented a house in Cromwell Road. That winter I think both the gas and electric companies went on strike. Apparently they made a pact so that they were not both on strike at the same time of day. That meant that we either had gas (and could cook) and no lights, or no lights and had gas. was entertaining to say the least. We did however have one coal fire. The other was electric.
In our front room that was seldom used, we lived for that period of time.
I learned to cook on a coal fire. You can heat soup, roast potatoes and do toast and crumpets.
We had toasting forks and so we enjoyed a little primitive living with candle light. Sort of romantic back then.


As a child this was a common way of doing things, so I was not unprepared. Toast, that wonderful English bread, done over an open fire with real butter is just yummy.
Crumpets soak up the butter and it just spills into your mouth.

Naturally kids love to play with fire so toasting crumpets counted as a wonderful way to make breakfast

We forget the fun and delightful things, the simple pleasures in todays world. We are so busy and yes, lazy to do things the old fashioned way. When something does not work people are lost. Those of us raised in more "primitive" times can always cope. No heat.......not a electricity....we can gas.....we will find a way. Trouble is hardly anyone has a regular fire these days. When we built our homes when we first came to the States, I always had a fireplace. This house does not have one. I miss that. I just had "English Muffins" done in the toaster. Good, but not the same


No idea who came up with this but.............had to record it anyway (smile)


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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I love crumpets. Our store used to carry them, but has now stopped. Never had them fixed like this though!

Custom Comforts said...

Wow - does that look just yummy. I love butter - anything dripping with butter. And it does seem romantic. It's a rare thing to know how to survive without all our modern conveniences. Lucky you have a fireplace. Mine doesn't work - just for show. What use is that other than it's beauty?

Diane said...

Don't know if I have ever had crumpets, put am a big fan of English Muffins! Following you my friend. Diane

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I love crumpets- there is nothing else to compare with them. I love them with lemon curd....sigh...

We have real fireplaces in this house and I love them.
We used to have a wire popcorn popper that you held over the coals to pop the corn, too.

Did you see that Laurie's blog (I Love A Cloudy Day) today? She did a painting I think you will like- xo Diana

Noelle the dreamer said...

Defnitively another way of living Janice, I know what you mean! Having a bedroom to myself was the first + of living abroad, setting the thermostat the second (I did not miss carrying all those scuttles of coal!) The minuses included seeing a W.C. in the bathroom (!!) and the (lack of) food choices!
These days I can attest I can handle anything! Wisdom comes with age they say...

Anonymous said...

what a lovely yummy post!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

I love crumpets! They are my favorite!!!

Terra said...

A nice trip back in time, and toasting crumpets on a fire means they taste especially good. I came over to say hi from I love a cloudy day blog.

Merlesworld said...

We too had a fireplace as a kid and toasted bread late at night in winter as a before bed snack with a hot drink just heaven. Our house now has a wood fire but we don't use it very often, chopping wood is hard now you are older.
I must toast crumpets this year I never tried them.