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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fresh Eggs...........

My Uncle Bill lived next door to my grandparents. He kept chickens. I loved helping him feed them. I loved the smell of the food, the mash that he made for them. I don't know why but it was one of those smells from childhood that stayed with me always. Later, growing up I spent so much time on my friends farm, I practically lived there. Again, I loved to collect the eggs. I learned how to sneak my hand under a chicken and remove the eggs without getting whacked by a grumpy hen. I learned how to attack from the rear and lift the lady by her tail without the tail feathers coming off in my hand.
 photo 3f16ed2b-7257-40ec-a492-a85df5f3dbd8_zpsf0369e3f.jpg

When we came to the States, at one point we bought 40 acres and lived in the country. I had to get chickens. So we got 50 chicks. We raised them in a box in the play room under a light bulb until they were old enough for outside. A couple didnt make it, they got flattened by their siblings. Jason was quite small at the time and was quite upset by the little flat body, so was I. The rest of them thrived. Come to find out that a good portion of them were male. Not in my plan.....I only needed one male. So we had to kill off the males. I hated that. A friend came over and the deed was done. They were packaged and put in the freezer. I was so upset I had to leave. I could not stand being around there while that took place. he worst thing was I also found I could not eat the meat either. I had to get rid of it all I could not stomach it.

 photo 27f1e47a-8bca-43e7-adac-9870158650d2_zps9b79fac4.jpg

The rest of our little flock lived to lay some nice eggs for us. We learned quite a bit about raising chickens and housing them. I am beginning to get the urge for a few backyard chickens. I like the looks of them puttering around the garden and eggs would be nice. I would have a nice place for them that would be movable and warm in winter. They would be pets not livestock. It may have to wait awhile yet though. Something to think about.

 photo 4b1cd6b9-f9bd-4191-9f97-4eca302dc748_zpsb473134c.jpg

From our original flock I kept some of the eggs and made Christmas ornaments from them so we will always have those memories. They were all white chickens and would meet the school bus every day. They would chase the kids up the driveway. They would run and follow anyone who went outside hoping for some food. It was a comedy.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I loved reading this! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!

Merlesworld said...

Funny that you were talking about raising chickens, my father got some chickens that we were to fatten up for christmas when I was a little girl. My sister and I fed them and looked after them, we named them and got fond of them, but that christmas we didn't have chicken for dinner we just had a vegetables no way in the world were we going to eat those chickens they were our friends.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Your post brought back many fun memories for me. We use to have chickens when the kids were young. When we got down to just a few chickens left they became pets and usually died of old age.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great story! My mom was raised on a farm and, I think there are so many great experiences from being with animals all the time! I don't think I could have ate the meat either!