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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gwen Frostic..............

Gwen Frostic was born in Sandusky, Michigan. When she was 8 months old she suffered from an unknown illness which left her with lifelong symptoms similar to cerebral palsy. Despite physical difficulties Gwen showed an early interest and aptitude for art. She pursued her artistic talents in metal and plastic, while occasionally teaching, but with the war came a lack of metal to work with and she turned to linoleum block carving. She then turned her linoleum block carving into stationery goods and prints which led to her starting her own printing company, Presscraft Papers. In the early 1950s Frostic opened up a shop selling her prints, books, and other items in Frankfort and in 1960 she bought 40 acres of land in Benzonia with the intention of moving her and her shop. On April 26, 1964 her new shop was open for business and she lived there until her death in 2001.The shop is still open and we went there today. For me it was the first time since her death.
 photo b4a2ca2f-33c2-4f94-ab51-cf0f612dafd5_zps36b0bfd3.jpg
Those are facts about her, but anyone who has read her poems or been to this place know there was much more to her than that. She was a person I should have loved to know. Her love of nature and her poems speak to me. I know her spirit. This is the printing room. When its in action as it is most days, you can watch

 photo a864522b-6eb0-43bc-affc-fc38f9a59562_zpseec3d750.jpg
Her lino cuts are simple. People love them though, people come from around the world to buy her things. There are letters pinned up from people who have enjoyed her work.
 photo f77a0317-2c9c-4768-a4e5-a9c6ad202909_zps4e676d1b.jpg
The house, building and now shop is made of local stone and timber and glass. The roof has grass growing on it. When Gwen was alive she had the back of the house as a bird sanctuary. Today its overgrown and sad. Its gone back to nature. She would like that.

 photo 5364c416-5fd7-42cc-9183-b742cff06f97_zps6c462638.jpg
The rooms are full of things from nature. The counter has this huge bowl from a tree, the footprint in the concrete of a Coyote or maybe Fox.
 photo 9847cc08-6c62-4e4f-938a-0e7938cb0ef8_zpsc7af44b1.jpg
Here are Tristen and Reina sitting on the fireplace in the middle of the round room
 photo f51cb6a4-6728-4471-9f7f-43f2db8872e7_zps7ec1da56.jpg
I bought two books and some stickers this time. I have several of her books, I completely relate to her words. They have always wrapped everything in a pretty package and top it with a spruce leaf

 photo 6f9ab8d8-e1f1-4b77-b4f3-3ea326b585b4_zpsc8e795d9.jpg

Gwen will be appreciated for a long time to come. Those of us who remember her will always treasure her soul and her ability to share her inner most thoughts on life and nature. A perfect wisdom.

Let’s just wander here and there ~~
like leaves floating in the autumn air
and look at common little things ~~
stones on the beach ~~
flowers turning into berries…
From the winds we’ll catch a bit
of that wondrous feeling that comes ~
~~ not from seeing ~~
but from being part of nature…
~Gwen Frostic

I am sharing this with I should be mopping the floor, Inspiration Monday


Anonymous said...

what an interesting woman, she sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing this today,

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful tribute to this wonderful woman. I am going to read more about her now. Blessings- xo Diana

Sherry Crocker said...

Gwen came to our art class at St. Francis in 1987. She talked about being passionate and following your muse. But she also talked about stewardship, taking care of the things we are trusted with. And with the conversation there was demonstration...

everything that she did seemed effortless. But I guess that comes with living with your craft 24/7. So much inspiration in such a simple person.

Maureen Wyatt said...

Thanks for introducing me to an artist I want to learn more about!

Anonymous said...

What a very interesting place, and it is great that it is carrying on. Gwen Frostic does sound like an inspiring woman.

Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing woman to us Janice! I love this post! I will be looking Gwen Frostic up. I have never heard about her! What beautiful spot!!!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Very interesting - and lovely photos. I'd like to see that wood bole in person - it looks so interesting.

Lizzy Dee said...

Hi Janice thanks for dropping by my blog, looks like I have found another blog to read!!! Liz x