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Monday, August 5, 2013

Poetry...who knew?.........

I have always enjoyed writing poems. I can't say I actually love poetry because a lot of it I just don't get.
Mum had a couple of poetry books so I suppose that means she may have enjoyed the odd one now and then, but I really never knew. Her books were Wordsworth and Shelly.
Now when I was in school I really loved "The Story of Hiawatha" I loved its cadence. I also loved the subject matter so it was always a favorite of mine. I found that I liked others of Longfellows works. Not that I was about to check that out by choice back in school days, but I did when I was older. Another poet that caught my fancy was William Blake. I loved "The Tiger", we had to learn that one.
 photo cc005b0f-1297-4dea-8599-503b5bc954f3_zps0d9b534c.jpg
My Uncle Harold who shared my love of Bluebells, also shared my love of writing poems. Just simple little poems. He sent me many of his own and I quite enjoyed them. I have written poems since I was quite young, rhyme comes easy. It's the subject matter that's difficult. I now have my blogs to write on and have put several of them out there. It was only recently, meeting another blogger who wrote poems that I learned that there are many types of poems. Well I never........I did not know that. She had written a poem and I didn't understand why it was a poem, because it did not rhyme. Well it did, just not in the way I knew. She was kind enough to explain and I have since read up on a few things. I must try some of them myself.
I have done Haiku and really don't get it. I cant see the point to it. Still its a "lesson" to be written in 5-7-5 form. I mean, what kind of poem is it that you have to count syllables? To limit yourself like that and come up with something barely making sense?

 photo 1e10f9c7-c6f9-4236-bec7-33ab9c241592_zpsecc50469.jpg
This is one I wrote myself. I guess its just a rhyme, simple and on subject.

Golden fish in garden pond
hides beneath the lily frond
Flash of yellow, amber and gold,
Jumps the surface feeling bold.
Makes a splash but quickly hides
To the bottom he gracefully glides
He plays among the water flowers
plays hide and seek for many hours.
Ever watchful shy and sleek
careful to avoid the Heron's beak.
Coon and fox and many more
Seek him out with deadly paw.
Still he swims with spirit and ease
Lives his life just as he please
Has no fear of what life brings
just for this day his heart sings.
For Golden fish life's full of fun
Morning up to setting sun.

Anyway...........I will be learning about all the other kinds of poems. Cinquain, Ballad (yes I get that one) Quatrain, Sonnet,Ode,Epic, those are all ones I am familiar with but there are so many more that I have no clue. So I will educate myself. I will not be writing any Epics I will tell you that right now.
I don't like not knowing something. So I will read each and every one Acrostic? Clerihew? oh ahah.......we will find out what they are along with the long list of others i know nothing about. Wish me luck. I will print any examples I come up with that may be worth a read. Dont hold ya breath


Merlesworld said...

I find all english baffling prose, poetry and plays what makes a good one or a bad one.
If I like it I like it and that's that.

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem and sounds like more to come!

NanaDiana said...

It's amazing all the different types of poems there are out there. I used to write a LOT of poems but don't do it as much as I once did. That is a lovely poem you wrote here- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to write poetry, so I admire those who can. My standard line when I was younger was that I hated poetry, then when we were doing English A level, we were introduced to the war poets, and that was me hooked. It led me to appreciate other poems too. However, I can still read some and end up completely baffled!

Linda said...

I like your poem. I think that if something inspires you then writing it down is very satisfying. I particularly like the nature poets such as Wordsworth, John Clare and Keats and poems with a story often catch children's imagination. I still remember the ones we learnt at school so many years ago - Robert Louis Stevenson, etc. Have a good week!

Donna Heber said...

You have a gifted talent for being able to write such beautiful poetry. Just lovely.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your poem! I didn't realize there was so many different types of poems! I wish you luck!