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Saturday, August 3, 2013

New challenges........

Every day brings new challenges. New emotions, new questions........maybe new answers? In any case life is never dull. I leave it all to the Lord because I certainly cant handle things myself.
God does not promise to take away our burdens, or stop bad things from happening. What He does promise is to help us to get through things. We have Him to lean on. It would certainly help if we asked HIS advice first.
Sometimes it's harder to watch those you love go through troubles. Again, all I can do is give it to God. I have learned that I can't make decisions for others. I may think I see what they should or should not do but in fact I can not know how they feel. I can not walk in their shoes, they have different feelings and different emotions, different goals and a different road to walk. All I can do is hold them up to the Lord and ask that He intervene and guide them.
One thing people should learn is that if they ask for advice of anyone, and it is given to them. It is still their choice if they should or should not take the advice. All it is really is something for them to consider, to think about. Thats all.
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I do believe that trials and tribulations make us stronger. I think there are lessons in life that we have to learn to deal with, and it always seems that unless we learn the lesson we have to go through similar situations over and over until we do learn the lesson. That has been my experience. I learn things quicker these days. Holding on to hurt and anger is a weakness, an indulgence we can not afford. That I have learned. We must forgive each other. We must be the better person. We must be the one to put forth the effort. Christ told us to forgive not once but each and every time.

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We can not do this in and of ourselves. We have to ask God to help us, that is the Holy Spirits job. we may not forget the hurt but we can learn from it and it no longer has power over us.
I must admit I have had my share of woes, but when I look at some situations in the world I know my life has been good so far. Sometimes bad things bring out the best in people, sometimes the worst...... but that is a choice we make. We are intelligent animals not driven by feelings and emotions alone. We can choose to do the right thing even when its the most difficult, it is what forms character and sets us apart as human beings. Sometimes when you see the courage of people in really really bad situations when they give their life rather than loose their honour or do the wrong thing just to save their life. That is someone who has God in their heart.

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None of that is easy, I don't pretend it is. Sometimes I must put on blinders and focus only on God. I am not a religious person. I am a Christian. I believe that through God all things are possible if it's His will. That's the hard part, when the answer is NO. When God shuts a door and I really wanted to go through THAT door. However, I now know life is short, not forever and there are greater things to come and so I can say that I truly don't care. I can shrug and say
"whatever" or in religious lingo "God's will be done" ..............

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I am not an overly emotional person. I often feel guilty that I don't show God how much I love Him. I don't show my kids or husband or family how much they mean to me in words or hugs. It's not me. In fact I am not sure I know how. I am not sure what love is. Tristen has helped me with that and Cooper. Its easier to love them because they are so young and well, I am more mellow now. I should clarify that, I am emotional but I am very good at hiding it. Its that old British stiff upper lip thingie.

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And your neighbour and your is what its all about in the end.

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NanaDiana said...

This was a wonderful post and I needed to read it tonight. You are such a good person and it shows through every word your write. Your family KNOWS that you love them even if you don't say it in so many words or hug them. They know it by the way you cut the sandwich you put in front of them...or the way you set a glass of milk in front of them. You are all are a product of your upbringing as I am. I never remember my father saying he loved me-nor do I really remember him hugging me but I KNEW he loved me more than life itself. You see, God helps people sort all these things out. Blessings to you for a good upcoming Sunday- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Well said ;o)

Jan said...

Isn't it amazing that everything - EVERYTHING - we need as far as spiritual guidance, assurance and strength lies in trusting God. Being a Control Freak of the highest magnitude means I thrash around, waste time and energy, wrestle frustratingly and THEN turn my problems over to God. When will I ever learn to save myself the time and exhaustion and go to Him first?! Thanks so much for the awesome post. I needed to read (and re-read!) your words of wisdom. -- Jan