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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Babysitting blues............

I didn't think I would do it again. I pretty much gave up on babysitting full time. I loved it while I did it but Mr noise box was enough for me when it came down to it. Now that I have decided to not put him in school this year I thought about it again, but had nothing in mind. Well one of Alexandra's friends (Tristen's mum) came back to Michigan and is going back to college. She has two children now. Brittany and Jeff were looking for a sitter and the price was prohibitive. She wanted to finish her degree and so I offered to help them. So Tristen has a play mate twice a week. Ryland was one of the kids I watched before but was small then. Now she is 3 and her brother is about 9 months. Tristen and Ryland get along quite well so far.
Here they are taking a break on the Ipad
 photo 79b263a9-ce59-4539-bae4-c3fdec24d1b2_zps00e2583e.jpg
I went outside because it was quiet...........the garden was a mess. They had been digging in the garden, in the black dirt. I found them watching the garbage man. Tristen likes to watch him, and this day especially because I had put a load of stuff out and Tristen thought he needed directing.
 photo af69b840-8f89-4ea0-a96d-181812fd8ec5_zps99ca23c1.jpg
 photo aa943611-114c-4d78-b235-396250f98afc_zps17fc04e8.jpg
They were both black as the ace of spades. Ryland was especially grubby because she had a white shirt on.
 photo 82f51967-7798-4e7d-b4db-e6fb540765cf_zps2b2a606f.jpg
They ignored my comments and got in the sand box, it was by then too hot over in the garden. Just as well as most of it was on the path.
 photo 45fcc63c-e42a-4dd6-be43-842870e62e1a_zps6b64b1e8.jpg
I went to clean up over by the garden and then watered the plants. You cant see the path for the dirt, it all looks like a part of the garden.
 photo be42622f-c5b7-43ab-a8b3-33472604630d_zpsa65baaa1.jpg
Then I tried to clean up the deck, not sure exactly what they were playing, but there was definite dirt transportation going on.
 photo 66f97e01-e5fe-4901-a3a4-506d7d598de4_zps90f78064.jpg
So once I started to water plants they came out of the sand box. Ryland was giggling and trying to get into the water spray. I looked at that grubby little face and hosed her down so much screaming and giggling, she loved it. I managed to get most of the dirt off her and then put her into some of Tristen,s clothes. He was quite indignant and didn't want her taking home his tee shirt. He was not so happy to get wet, very unusual for him, but he was a bit touchy that day. It was so hot by then I decided it was lunch time. So they dried off and got changed.
Here they are, looking so innocent and a little cleaner.

 photo fc573b50-2c28-4a39-a3d3-8e4461f1a37c_zps8a328770.jpg
Bodi is saying "rescue me, I did nothing"

 photo 5f54bdc3-2d9b-49cc-a112-319474497d36_zps8918c95a.jpg
All this time Brodi was sleeping. He missed it all. Just as well because I would not have been able to get all that done if he were up. Brodi is not so happy with the arrangement just yet. He is going through anxiety leaving his mummy. The next time went better though. I bought a baby walker for him and he was better in that playing. Easier to feed him too. I am watching my gr grandson Cooper at least once a week too so it was a good decision to buy that. Cooper loves it too. So anyway........I am back to babysitting again. I am not sure how this happens but we do what we must, right? Don't get confused with Brodi and Bodi haha.


NanaDiana said...

My gosh- You have a heart as big as all of outdoors. I can't believe you took on more with all you have on your plate. Those kids are just DARLING together though. They are both as cute as buttons- dirt and all. It's amazing how quickly they can create a BIG mess though, isn't it?

Have a good night my dear friend- xo Diana

Noelle the dreamer said...

I think Diana's comments were right on target, Janice! Tipping my hat to you, Mam! You are the best!
Be sure to reserve a little 'Me' time for yourself!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

we do don't we, I have been in this spot a few times myself, they are beautiful children, I agree with Diana, you have a big heart!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments above, you really do have a big heart. Isn't it funny, how the best games are the messiest. At least the dirt washes off, but cleaning up afterwards gives you a lot more work. Happy memories being created though.

Magic Love Crow said...

Bless your heart! I don't know if I could have the energy to do what you are doing! The kids are adorable! Poor puppy! LOL!