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Thursday, September 5, 2013

End of summer.............

Well all the kids are back to school. Got almost the first week under their belts. Mothers are full of joy and life is great. For now. I remember summer holidays in England seemed endless but in fact were only 6 weeks long. Here its like 3 months long. No wonder the kids dont learn much, and have so much homework. I really wish our American schools did a better job. The kids stay at school longer in years, less weeks in the year and do not learn a fraction of what was taught in English schools. There is little discipline and they have their phones in class, teachers included so whats it all about?
 photo db94a058-9acf-4788-a9ae-cb178d408e64_zpse196bcc7.jpg
I hope we get through this year without violence. It seems every year there are more shootings. What is wrong with a society that tolerates violence in schools. We pay more attention to what is called bullying than much else. While I agree it should not be allowed when people notice it, I can not believe its as important as what makes kids go out and shoot others. Is it connected? There have always been bullies. Usually they are cowards, they strike with friends who laugh or egg them on. If confronted they usually run. Its different these days. Kids are different. When I was in school I remember one boy loved to lie in wait for me on my way home. He would throw stones at my legs and try to hurt me in that way. I was always afraid and one day my Dad knew I had been crying. He asked me why and I told him. Well he said next time don't run, confront him. I did, I do believe I slapped him silly, in any case he never bothered me again and was always nice to me. We were told it built character to weather those storms. It did, it made me stronger. So today, what's different? There is a big need for councilors at school, we never had those. We got through everything best we could, it made us strong. We never heard of kids who committed suicide. ever. So what's wrong with us today?. Why the violence, the lack of coping skills? The lack of empathy, kindness? Is it TV and video games, is it really the constant use of the phones always stuck in an ear? We didn't grow up with any of that. We played games to gether.
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We played games like "Mother May I" tag, we played school, marbles, board games, shops,we played together and made life long friends. School was not fun for me, I was a very shy and withdrawn child. An only child. I was scared by a lot of school activity because I was terrified and afraid the teacher would single me out. I could not talk in front of the class or do anything like that. Still cant for that matter. I would not have contemplated suicide or killing someone else though. I just do not know where that comes from. Society is evil in many ways. We can not protect children from life. Like a butterfly coming out of the cocoon we need to struggle sometimes to be strong and true. Just my opinion. Still...........we can not allow the bully to prevail. We as parents need to be sure our child is NOT one by showing them the great capacity to love one another even if we may not like one another.
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What about Home schooling. I wish in some ways I could do that for Tristen. He needs other kids though and I do not think I have the skills to home school him. I have thought about keeping him in public school until Jr high and then trying a private school if we could afford that. I want to keep him safe, but I want him to learn and grow and have friends of all kinds. I cant do that for him at home. What is the answer? If it were up to me there would be no guns in the hands of homeowners, they would be for sport via clubs but that will never happen in this country and so we live with the eternal fear of violence in our schools until someone has had enough and demands that guns be forbidden in the home.
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All I can do is love him and pray for him every day, and hope against hope nothing bad ever happens.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Unfortunately things have changed abroad as well Janice. Still I agree violence is the product of too much media abuse (and dito for learning skills...where do we go when a child can no longer add without a calculator?)
And yes 6 weeks was enough! No wonder parents are often at a loss during the Summer!
Let's pray things will soon improve for all parties! Children's education is the cornerstone of our future.
All the best,

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

We find that the schools here in Washington - at least where we live - are fabulous - the teachers are really teaching the kids, there is zero tolerance for bullying (which has been proven to be one of the factors in why kids turn violent, they have been bulled for far too long in schools), there are plans and ideas for helping kids get along with each other and to solve their issues with each other when something arises. Students and teachers honestly care for each other - fifth graders mentor the younger kids - giving them responsibility and bridging age gaps. It is a wonderful school system here, with dedicated teachers and principles - making for fabulous education.

There are the worries of guns in homes that might be brought to school - or violence towards our children - we always will fear that - but the schools are good and the kids are learning to think for themselves - something we weren't taught in school - it was shoveled into our heads and we had to repeat it back to the teachers - I like the modern ways of teaching so much better.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, some of the English schools are pretty bad too. A new documentary started last night, Educating Yorkshire, I thought it was a spoof, because the characters were so awful, but no, this was a real school.

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, I don't like the change in schools, and in kids and in parenting these days. When I went to school, we never got home till 4:00pm, now the kids are home by 2:00pm. And, you are right, when I was teased, I stuck up for myself and it made me a stronger person ;o) I don't know? Too much computers? Do people not know how to communicate anymore? Does this bring on the violence?