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Friday, September 13, 2013


My second great grandson is Cooper. He is the sweetest baby, by that I mean that he has such a lovely personality. At least right now he does. He is so easy. I love watching him because he is always smiling. He finds me funny because he beams ear to ear whenever he sees me.
 photo aff10f47-0a08-4d19-8da0-43196ae3c41e_zps07cf04dc.jpg
His mother is Gabrielle. (my daughter Laura's 3rd child). She was a quiet baby too. You appreciate the quiet ones after the squawky screeching ones. cant remember if Danielle or Alexandra were quiet or not but Gabrielle was certainly so. Tristen was not a bad baby either but not so quiet not then and certainly not now.
 photo 38ced1db-0678-4072-9655-e50421030c5b_zpsf7508d8c.jpg
Cooper is not quite sitting up yet. He is rolling over though. They grow so quickly. I can't believe that Tristen is going to be 4 in just over a week. Tristen is a little jealous and a little intrigued with Cooper. He really wants to play with him but is not at all sure he wants me holding him. It makes him want to be the baby. Funny that, that's how Alexandra felt about Gabby.
 photo 3d5257c1-3717-4d3c-8aeb-b139bf8c40b9_zpsbc17d469.jpg
Tristen wanted to hold Cooper, and waited patiently till he was done with his bottle. Well sort of patiently
 photo ea103045-8dd0-4554-88f2-84b0cca2bac3_zps5430e701.jpg
Finally Cooper got done, he takes his meal times seriously.
 photo 2c5c4b51-ec67-4a03-92c8-33085b247fa5_zps161e5633.jpg
Tristen went and put on his footy jammies, I think so he could be like Cooper. How sweet.

 photo 95b4a258-9ddf-4744-82ea-77091114ddc1_zpsd7b9e4d3.jpg
He gave him a kiss but wanted Granddad to take him back as he was getting heavy.
 photo 3c81b70a-5a8a-487f-9e4f-154af08dd259_zps3ce1b32c.jpg
I wonder what the two of them will be like together as they grow up. Sigh..........I now hope I will be around to see some of it. I never used to care about dying, now I don't want to miss anything haha.


NanaDiana said...

I have a feeling you will be around a long tine and can watch those sweet babies grow up. I am so happy that you find so much joy in those children. You just keep moving forward no matter how bad things get sometimes. You are a good person! xo Diana

Noelle the dreamer said...

Once again Diana said it all! It appears God has much for you to still accomplish Janice in His name!

Tracey Steele@Breathing English Air said...

He is another cutie. I've a feeling you will be around for a long time yet, Janice. You have a lot left to do!

Magic Love Crow said...

Don't think about dying, think about living and enjoying all of this! What cute pictures! Big Hugs ;o)

Cindy Adkins said...

Cooper is just as cute as Tristen! I agree with the others - I think you will be around for a very long time!! Love, Cindy