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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Buffalo Burgers...........

Its that time of year. Time to get busy. I have been sort of working in the garden and also trying to make garden ornaments. We went to take two of our four Poodles to the groomers on Saturday. I took my camera in the hope of seeing the Buffalo out at the farm. After dropping of the kids at the groomers I went for a quick look around my favourite thrift shop. Yup, I found a few things. Of course I did. More on that on my other blogs.
So on the way home we took a back road to see if we could get some shots.
 photo 14a49acd-6494-4f4e-b3af-6c146c7905af_zpseabbc875.jpg
I actually did not know this farm was back there. Its the hub. There is a huge shed with the trucks for transporting the buffalo.
Let me back up. There is a local family the Olson's. They have some stores here and own a lot of land, or did at one time. There has always been buffalo around here at least as long as we have been here. When we first came to Traverse City there were big old barns where there is now a Mall. Sold by Olesons to the developers. It was just a two lane road then that went through town. Along both sides of the road were fields of buffalo. Later another couple of fields were sold and became shopping centers. One day the buffalo got out and were feeding on the front lawn to McDonalds. Made headlines in the local paper.
 photo 5fe758d3-f195-4eb5-b02f-16f4ac9f3cf5_zps178f2c43.jpg
We stopped to take pictures, the ones who were eating hay decided to join the herd.
 photo b3f2a65a-ad35-413e-b9ea-769ff8e71915_zpsed1b0bb0.jpg
The herd is resting. There is certainly a LOT of fresh hay in the field so they are not at all hungry
 photo 9269e76d-abe6-4534-b6ce-6bd82cb4ecda_zps009a000f.jpg
Soon be time for little ones, but none to see yet
 photo 899ecd1f-1981-4130-80b6-78960dea3c9d_zps802827f2.jpg
There are many more fields around the area.
 photo 348c829e-5357-4f9d-95b2-7c857cfd94cd_zpsc206981b.jpg
 photo 73a0423d-b5b2-4ca6-ac54-02d1d42932b2_zps1601751f.jpg
These pictures do not show how very big this herd is. Its not the only one either. So on the way home we past adds for our annual NMC (college) BBQ. I believe its the end of May and the beginning our tourist time. The college benefits from the Olson's generosity. They provide food for the BBQ and the ticket price benefits the college. Unfortunatley the menu includes Buffalo burgers.


NanaDiana said...

Those are great shots. How funny that they were on the lawn at McD's one day!

We have a couple of buffalo farms around here, too. I know people eat it but I never have (that I know of)

Hope you are having a great Sunday- xo Diana

LOLfromPasa said...

Not sure about buffalo burgers but I really do like your shots of those amazing animals. The top shot is great too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great shots of the Buffalo! Would have love to see them eating the grass in front of MacDonalds! LOL! Poor guys! There land being taken from them! Have you tried Buffalo meat? I have. I thought it was good.
Big Hugs ;o)

Audrey said...

Great pictures ... we have a few buffalo in pastures around here, but not that many. Thanks for sharing your great pictures.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful photos, If I din't know better I would think it was right where I live!! Lots of Buffalo here, I have eaten buffalo, its a lot like beef a bit like moose, its hard to think of our meat as once walking the land, you live in a beautiful spot an the Olsons are very generous to the school to donate all the meat!!!