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Monday, April 7, 2014


Cooper is one now and has been walking long enough to be expert. At least he thinks so. I am going to share a few pictures. Not much news but he and his parents are staying here for a few days awaiting a car repair. Good photo op for me.
I dont usually see Cooper in the tub so had to take a few pictures.
All mums must do this, the soapy curl on top
 photo bfd50632-a5c1-4ea8-b4c3-ac43d9ba7c56_zpsfbbe4ba6.jpg
Cooper loves his bath
 photo d31b055a-c9a4-4183-8628-3aee8f40583c_zps3032fa48.jpg
The water was not too hot but I loved this pink rosy bum
 photo 8e1e5f25-c960-4c09-9039-6ab4014d6fc5_zpsb5ed860d.jpg
He enjoyed Tristens toys and our tub is bigger than his so it was like being in a swimming pool I bet
 photo d81a0246-c1e6-41a2-8f02-d84f4d35072d_zpsd48ff962.jpg
So the other picture is Cooper enjoying a little rocking chair we have. I got it many years ago and when the girls came along (grandkids) they loved it one after the other. I will always remember Danielle sitting ther jabbering like an old lady before she could talk. Also Alex, one of her first words was "wow" and she would sit in this little rocker saying "wow" " wow" "wow". So now its just the right size for Cooper. They can take it home until he is ready for the next size. The next one I am going to paint and put Coopers name on it. Tristen has his own little chair that he uses to eat meals at the coffee table or to sit and draw or whatever. Little kids love little things just their size
 photo bc0f89c5-c61e-4e97-96a3-15e58e4481e7_zps0c1607da.jpg
Cooper says I am a big kid now
 photo 9abbbd7a-4095-42f9-8159-114aa816bf5f_zps432ec30a.jpg


NanaDiana said...

What a darling little boy Cooper is, Janice. So cute. I LOVE bathtub shots!!!! xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Love these pictures! So cute! That bum picture is too cute for words ;o) Great post!

The Sage Butterfly said...

So adorable! Love these photos...