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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bums and Babies...............

Yea more bum pictures for ya. What is it about babies bums that are just so cute?
Cooper was here for a whole week. His parents were here because Gabrielles car was in the shop. She works at Munson that is only a few blocks from here so her dad was able to take her, and Tony picked her up. They slept in the new blue room and Tony did not bang his head on the shelves above the bed. Woo hoo.
So it was that I got Cooper up one morning. Apparently Gabbies alarm did not go off and he was mad as a wet hen. He had pooped his diaper and he does not like that at all. Trouble was it was his night one and so it was soaked too. I brought him down and would have let Gabby sleep in but............well it was a complete blow out. Needed a bath so I sent for Gabby. We decided on the kitchen sink.
 photo 3e772221-e86e-42f7-9e8f-475ac5c01e5d_zps2dbb9206.jpg
At first he wondered what we were doing with him. He sat and looked at the water. Gabby had filled the sink to the top and it took awhile for him to keep his balance. We asked if he wanted scrubbing
 photo 260ba8f1-3265-4c7a-92fb-a24a963d68a1_zpsa1858090.jpg
He was soon comfortable enough to stand up and discovered he could look out the window.
 photo 5a0f68a0-5d05-4d56-80a4-b96cab3a1ba0_zps86f9fdd0.jpg
Wave to Bud
 photo bf62056c-840e-48c0-ab2b-50c7f1e40638_zpsc1228226.jpg
Here it comes. Did I mention that my floors needed to be washed?
 photo bc1c2c07-9f9e-44fb-af6b-8b68db4ea9ab_zps24708f8c.jpg
Here he goes, he had such a great time look at that face
 photo e95bcbf1-d9a3-44b3-903a-c992e71e2586_zpsb1d37c1f.jpg
He forgot all about his sore bum. It was all better when he got out. My counters were swimming and the floor too but oh what a great time he had.
 photo 58b10d5b-0099-458c-9704-c5a7ff7530ed_zpsd9088803.jpg
....and here it is, his bum is all better and forgotten
 photo e43b3770-997f-4710-ac37-6c6e3db8e333_zpsbff651f3.jpg


NanaDiana said...

So very, very sweet, Janice. We have had lots of sink baths in our day! He is darling- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! Thanks for the smile! You made my day ;o) So cute! Love the pictures ;o)