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Monday, July 7, 2014

Gabby's Day................

My Granddaughter Gabrielle lives with boyfriend Tony and their son Cooper. This year they had a BBQ at their place. Their first time entertaining. She was nervous. We got there early because it was going to be tough getting out of town. There was an air show at the beach featuring the Blue Angels. It was packed. I mean, the largest crowd ever. Always popular here doing their show over the Bay, they bring in the tourists like nothing else. Great for local economy but for those of us who live here, well not so nice. Thats how it is in a tourist town. We have to put up with it and we get to enjoy the whole of the rest of the year in somewhat peaceful surroundings. We can go to the beach anytime and walk alone with our thoughts, but not in midsummer.
So we got there early while the show was still going on. Passed lines of traffic heading in to town. Glad we were heading out.
Cooper was happy to see us
 photo cf653036-4642-46da-82b9-7b5ec5ad514a_zps0596f4ca.jpg
We didn't do much but it was great to just sit, and it was cool enough under the big tree. So we could visit in comfort. We met Tony's mum and some friends of Gabby that we didn't know.
 photo 275d26ba-f36a-4e01-8064-efc5a333b480_zpsa9cbb0bc.jpg
 photo 570d3702-1e02-4d60-9b15-d308f8e47e8a_zps730a9a67.jpg
All was quiet till Tristen arrived. He had spent the weekend at his auntie Laura's again. They went to the fireworks and air show and on Saturday they went tubing down the river. He had a lot of fun. Reina was already there when he arrived and so the noise level quadrupaled. He found he could climb the tree.
 photo 64003fad-b513-4865-bef4-4e80b6d1b64a_zps93f81e53.jpg
 photo 6bb38b13-961e-45c7-b351-985eeffda1b5_zps1efe83a3.jpg
Here we have Todd and Dan (Uncle Todd and Grandpa Dan) enjoying a beer and chin wag.
 photo 70537133-cf48-4833-a929-311f73d5c3f4_zps20119edc.jpg
This is where all the noise came from
 photo c2b05731-8503-4d65-aa55-0b136ead943e_zpsfd8ef156.jpg
The teens helped to wind them both up.
 photo ddbf08e7-6741-41ea-9358-3a9595e4bcc1_zpsa710a8a3.jpg
Grandpa Robert (Laura's husband)(Todd is auntie Laura's husband) and Cooper etc playing ball. Waiting for BBQ
 photo cbf96f7e-7af4-4479-89ef-f8f543f427e5_zpsf6278fdc.jpg
Gabby and her dad (grandpa Dan)
 photo 2b432d76-af5d-4c26-82ce-b7a4eb1b3378_zps86652024.jpg
Laura and Robert and you know who playing in the background. Clarissa is the young girl in glasses, she is Laura Hermans daughter. So she spends time with Tristen frequently.
 photo fb851f67-e609-40e8-96e7-f4f07347e301_zpsda617cba.jpg
Grandma Laura and Gerry (granddad) and some friends of Gabby in the background.
 photo 31b30dea-6579-4bc7-975c-ed6e4b19320a_zps818c7cfd.jpg
After we left they all played a game of ball.........Tristen was tired because of a very active weekend. So we took him home and he slept in till almost 8am this morning. He is still tired, but playing nice on his own. I think all the activity wore him out. Now needs some quiet time. Reina will be over this afternoon for a couple of hours and maybe tomorrow we will all have recovered enough to do something fun.
I will be sharing with Cottage style party with thanks.

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