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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Raven Hill.............

I try to find things to do with Tristen that are fun and sometimes educational. So what I was looking for was a place that handled animals and things that may be local. Could not find anything but found this place. It is called Raven Hill. It is a place to educate and amuse. So off we went. East Jordan is about and hour or so from here. We had wanted to go up to the farm market because Tristen and Reina wanted to go. They had remembered the tractor that they could play on.
 photo 4d62d963-c5d2-4b10-821d-a12c690b5345_zps82472a00.jpg
We missed our turn so stopped at Friske Orchards to see what they had while the kids played for a bit. They had been in the car awhile and time to let off steam. So then we gathered them up and set off for East Jordan. We stopped for lunch. I had a mushroom swiss burger (so did Laura) and it was very good. Kids had grilled cheese and frys and Tristen ate it all. Unusual for him.
SO we got directions while we were there and had no problem locating Raven Hill.
First off we got to see the reptiles. We happened to be there when they had a few other people so that made a nice group. The lady was knowledgeable about her charges. Chequers a corn snake. She was peach and cream rather than brown and cream like our Michigan ones are. Apparently they are colour coded to the soil.
 photo 321cf891-6ff6-42d6-ac6b-46123ce19373_zps048d6800.jpg
The snakes are all rescue situations, so they have them usually until they die. The Python we held was a small one but was heavy. There is another in there that is bigger but is cranky apparently because it had been abused. SO he stayed put
 photo d15e2f67-e371-4563-87c0-abb5a680dfed_zpsec3ec772.jpg
I could not believe that Reina would not touch the snake but held the spider.
After we looked at all the animals in there we let them look around the science section. Tristen liked the musical instruments. He also liked the skulls and things.
 photo 52171c44-b03a-4aa5-9086-f9773b923eaa_zpsb2eeb86e.jpg
There was much to see and do there. We went on the trails and that was all about the surrounding trees and nature.
 photo eb0182cd-48d2-4a06-8125-82f7f9d28eac_zpsa624bff1.jpg
They set up culteral exhibits and that usually is accompanied by lectures but not that day. We just went on our own. The kids loved the one room school house. I pretended to be the school marm. They had to ring the bell outside. I wonder if long ago little kids always wanted to ring the bell?
There were a lot of things we didn't do because it was too hot. After the hike we were rather thirsty and tired. Some of the cultures were Egypt, Easter Island, Native American and African among others. Then on the way back a path through time. That is a dinasaur foot that Tristen is standing near. They have skulls through the ages and other exhibits. Not the best but for kids they are amusing.
 photo f93b4b80-5cd9-4b45-b616-bfe10a1afc8e_zps52403e55.jpg
On the trail besides mosquito's we found Raspberries and Blackberries. The Raspberries were ripe and delicious. I bet they get a lot of bear in there, yummy. These were by the old Caboose,
 photo 0d76a225-d7ac-47a5-8aa0-5ced858415fd_zps49834c89.jpg
When we had enough we took the two track off into the woods imstead of going back to the main rd. Its fun to do that. We stopped again in East Jordan, there is a glass blowing workshop there. I usually stop in if I can and we were lucky that they were working. SO the kids got to see how glass is made and blown. It was hotter than heck in there. Tristen told the man he had a very boring job. Whoops. I usually buy something but I was good.
 photo 72a7e644-ce5b-4670-84d9-5c793f5ad6a0_zps169a1695.jpg
We went back a different way, along the shores of Lake Charleboix there must be some very rich folks living around there,by the look of some of the homes. We stopped again at Friske orchards and the kids got ice cream and we got coffee and scones, then it was off home all tired out from a fun and active day.
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Merlesworld said...

I t looks like a great place to visit.
Funny I would rathe handle a snake than a spider .

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Looks and sounds like a great time and adventure for the kids!

I wouldn't want to handle the snake OR the spider, lol!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

What a great adventure for the kids, and I wouldn't have touche it either. If you send me you address I will send you some Queen's Anne Lace seeds in the fall. Thanks for your sweet comments on my July Sun Garden. favorite author is Phillipa Gregory to.

Magic Love Crow said...

You are a very brave soul to hold that snake! I wouldn't have! LOL! I wouldn't have held the spider either! LOL! I started laughing about the very boring job! LOL!
What an exciting day all of you had ;o) Hugs ;o)

Bernideen said...

I really enjoyed my visit here. All your posts are interesting and I love your property!