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Saturday, July 12, 2014

summer days..................

It's too hot and humid today, I was planning on working in the garden but.........well here I am instead. On Thursday Laura, Reina and Tristen went with me to Elk Rapids. There were so many places we wanted to stop but, not with kids. Laura and I need a day off by ourselves. I love the art galleries and the little boutiques and shops. The antique shops and all that..........instead, we packed their scooters and headed out. We got to Elk Rapids and got out the scooters, Tristen headed the wrong way......Reina headed for the playground.
 photo a720d859-0523-4e77-ab83-837e3505b2d9_zps4978703c.jpg
Its so pretty there and the water levels are up high.
 photo 564442c4-5f39-4078-a0f0-fb5ad5cb70c4_zps2d50e0e9.jpg
It was cool so we had no intention of them getting in the water and besides that we were going other places. Some people were making the most of it though
 photo fb24b845-29fb-4a05-b8cc-f6e52bb4c753_zpsaf8ef72d.jpg
We bribe them with playgrounds to keep them interested and there was one in each town we were to visit so........
 photo 663f0514-8493-45e6-ba23-93fa19e4eeca_zps3deb8d33.jpg
Wear them out is my motto
 photo 70d311dc-4c7e-4f69-9520-bed36631a3d7_zps63acb133.jpg
we walked up to the park by the river and watched some baby bunnies while they rode around on their scooters again. They don't look small in the picture but they were, and adorable
 photo 630ec161-f8eb-4a58-ab71-fb246007653c_zps83cb2671.jpg
The river was calm and beautiful, some kids were enjoying it.........we went over the bridge so they could ride further
 photo a8ab8a60-9e4a-4bed-a6ff-5d87e93cd1c3_zps8e511e97.jpg
 photo 4e1c7b42-cd99-4258-b8ab-232882ae120a_zpsc04219ed.jpg
 photo 863bcb83-0516-4cbd-b8bb-c5b856ee7873_zps167db589.jpg
The town was all dressed out with flowers. They have lovely small gardens that are well tended.
 photo 78fc14a8-1647-4b75-abc0-e8f12c25bfad_zps1df20d3d.jpg
A nice shady places to sit and rest while shopping.
We left there and went to Alden. I did a post on Alden when I went with Edna. We had lunch at the same place. The kids ate voraciously and Laura and I cleared our plates too. I had promiced to take then in a store where they had some really cool toys and gifts. That was where I got my glass last time. Well we left them choosing a toy while we looked around. The store meanders around in a circle of rooms so we could creep up on them from another direction to be sure they were behaving. Well we want to go back at Christmas time to shop, they stay open until January so we should be able to do that. We bought their toys and before we left we stopped in the Mill house gardens. I just had to show Tristen the skeleton. He hid behind Reina
 photo 31914751-ba15-4e4c-b0b1-ff766e547b67_zpsb36ba303.jpg
 photo 0e1aed58-0ef5-46c4-9c00-2675d52a8276_zps4865ba17.jpg
 photo a13ff7dc-490c-437f-b83b-0185d7381cfb_zps846a6fb3.jpg
 photo c915df32-e0b4-4b0d-8658-c96f78cbdb84_zps37504e44.jpg
He was perplexed and had questions..........then off we went. There are lovely shops. We went in a couple but its hard with kids, so we didn't linger. IN this town they are nice enough to provide seating for those who wait.
 photo e3e579ec-b939-4959-843d-9f746bb9588a_zpsf8958ffb.jpg
There is a butterfly garden and I always stop
 photo 62a4030c-f35f-4fc3-ae72-401c4ce822d2_zps8facec81.jpg
There is one shop I just had to show Laura. It is expensive and would not really fit in with our life styles. If I had an occasion to dress up then I would go in there. They have just wonderful things. Every single thing is a work of art. The shoes, flowers, bags, jewelry and beautiful boxes. We could not stop because, know, dirty fingers and all that. Had to make them "not touch" I am sure the attendents were very nervous and so were we. Still I had to show her. This shop picks fresh flowers for their door every day.
 photo 0abd65da-c56b-45b3-a51d-b33a5e931731_zps51067ee7.jpg
We stopped at the park as promiced and we got ice cream. I think they were happy with their day. On the way home we took a detour so we could go look at Lake Skegemog. We took a dirt road. Look at these cool barns.
 photo 32f0db12-8d2c-4e43-8b50-06831a1689d9_zps4544730a.jpg
What a great place to have a home and boy were there some big houses back there with gated roads. Then cottages along the lake as well. The road wound back through cherry orchards and we saw some Sandhill Cranes in among them. Later we were driving with open windows, we like to hear the birds etc and I was eyeball to eyeball with a mama deer and her baby. We didn't stop in time so by the time we backed up she had taken the baby into the woods so no picture
 photo da829b75-23b2-4ed5-8c60-b02dcd5cdda0_zpsb485b12e.jpg
She was the only deer we saw that day, and what a beauty she was.
When we left and were on our way home we stopped to check on Alexandra's grave. It was pretty good. We do need to go back and update the wreath. Maybe next week. She is looking pretty for now with the Day lillies blooming and the geraniums.
 photo afb75c72-6c00-4175-a561-90bec76d02ef_zps979ee29a.jpg
The kids are getting tall and I can see him growing up with Reina and it's sort of sad that she is not here to see them. Reina is so much like's amazing.
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Merlesworld said...

What a beautiful place, it would be lovely to spend a few hours wandering around.
Love the skeleton, they should put him on a bus stop.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful post! The skeleton made me laugh! LOL! The places you go to, are so gorgeous! The barn made me smile ;o) Very touching photo at the grave! Big Hugs ;o)

eileeninmd said...

What a lovely place to visit. So much to see. The water scenes are pretty and the children are cute. The barn is cool! Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!