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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of School...............

Yesterday was the first day of school. Many happy parents around these days. So my little Tristen is in the "young 5s" class. His teacher is Sara Odette. I have no idea what she is like. She moved up here from downstate. We have not had a chance to talk.
Last year we put him in preschool actually it was before that because he was still 3 going on 4. Well that did not go well. He was too figety and wild, was not at all able to settle down and was disruptive. So, we tried 1/2 days but that was no better. So we decided to wait.
So here we are. Young fives. They have two teachers. Maybe they will be able to handle him.
So here is Tristen getting ready to leave on Tuesday morning.
 photo 51f32dc8-fca3-4252-95df-72d10d1cd39a_zpscb216b2f.jpg
 photo 97a3e693-ab5c-4697-aa50-7ffcce876a05_zps85e521c6.jpg
Well it turns out that Gerry will be able to drive him to school in the morning and make it to work on time. So after this week thats how it will go. I will pick him up at 11.09. I am walking at the moment, the weather is still nice enough for that. At some point I will drive. I did before and it worked out OK. Meanwhile I am practicing driving. I have not driven for a long time due to my lost of sight in my right eye. My vision is out of perspective, but since completely loosing my sight on that side I can now adjust and its a matter of getting practice and confidence again.
There was a photographer for the first day of school. Hardly noticed among all the parents with camera's. Well guess who made the front page of the daily paper?
 photo e13d6dad-c590-4368-829e-d93c511fb6e4_zpsd671d9cc.jpg
So far Tristen has seemed to do OK. I have not had a chance to ask. It's not like before when we dropped off and picked up in the class room. Then I got to talk at the end of each day and find out what the problems were. Now I dont know how things are going. I suppose at some point they will have a conference or something. At least one would hope so.
This school used to be a Jr High School and at one time my husband went there. It is a big old school. Well taken care of as far as I can see.
 photo 8abd59a4-fcdb-419e-b795-638777b7784f_zps08fbc47d.jpg
 photo 31f33930-cc25-41fa-9f28-272e95ed742c_zps2a0bc716.jpg
 photo 57f266f1-73d8-425f-a5e8-167df59fbf6a_zpsd7c0d50c.jpg
 photo f410e50e-6c09-48d4-bd83-d8c4a63704d4_zps4b311cbd.jpg
Well this is early days yet. I have enjoyed some time to myself, that is for sure. I got my work done. Today I took the plunge and I went shopping. I had to get some school supplies and I think a few snacks and stuff that we needed for school. So I just did it. I drove to the store!!!!. My breakthrough. I did a little driving last winter but not out on the main roads. So I will continue from here, a little at a time. Then maybe by next year I will be able to drive with Tristen in the car. I wont ever take chances with him, but I need to get a bit more independant and I need to be able to take him places as things evolve. In school he will want to go to activities and I want to be able to do that for him.


Merlesworld said...

Hope all goes well, he is growing up fast


Mac n' Janet said...

Hope it goes well for him, school is such a female orientated thing that many boys have trouble adjusting to it, but given the right teacher it usually works out.
About your eyes, one of my eyes is so much stronger than the other that my brain totally ignores the information sent by the weaker eye. I only wear 1 contact and see just fine, you will adjust, the brain is an amazing thing.

Christine said...

He is a cutie, I remember those days well!

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you driving ;o) Take it one day at a time ;o)
That school looks gorgeous ;o)
I am sure Tristen is having fun and doing well ;o) Big Hugs ;o)