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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tristen is Five............

On Tuesday Tisten will be 5. Time has passed so quickly, he is a real little boy now, no longer my baby boy. His mother would love to see him I am sure, and one can not help but wonder if he would be a different person if she was still here.
We had a family party on Saturday for him and my son Jason, Jason is 44 now. Wow, I am getting old.
I got them each their own cakes, Jason didn't fancy Spiderman, hmmmm. So he got a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. That was yummy.
Blew my diet but tomorrow is the start of another week. Tristen admires his cake.
 photo 01f1eca8-d767-4a50-b1f2-ce0ae1fe9c11_zpse2c68bb8.jpg
The spread
 photo 798f26e0-4e1a-423a-8364-d8babeb565ed_zpse4f5863e.jpg
The cakes
 photo 18c2b0dd-36df-45b2-9e38-48ef9d90ea51_zps675ed15f.jpg
 photo be0c122c-0c65-4eee-9bb5-6590ae77dbef_zpscdb25a87.jpg
Tristens parties so far have been family affairs. Not childrens parties. Maybe that will change as time goes on, or maybe he will continue to enjoy the way it blowing out the candles
 photo 03571b0d-9652-45a2-b656-e54ac8494869_zpsabac77c1.jpg
Cutting the cake with Auntie Laura and Jason watching.
 photo e541af4f-e1bf-45c1-94a1-5cc2d959dd26_zpsc33354ce.jpg
Family. In this picture (below) is Carole, Dan, Joyce, Tony holding Cooper, Gabrielle, Laura, Tristen and grandma Laura. Others who came were Pam and Todd, and of course me and Gerry were there and Jason and Tristen the birthday boys and Reina was also there.
 photo 0ef07baa-6788-4182-bb0a-608a7a5a9a22_zps726431cb.jpg
 photo ccd66c12-daf1-4ffa-a12f-5c39b3b33e60_zps1dad5cae.jpg
Grandpa Dan and Tristen enjoying cake
 photo 9b08f2d7-a44f-4a35-a82a-78d1020a8b4a_zpsdce2a99a.jpg
Here is Tristen checking out his new Razor scooter that Jason bought him.
 photo 56e8de12-5401-4c63-8682-3da7717c9bec_zpse46eee3b.jpg
Tony and Cooper enjoying a snack.
 photo 6b843481-e688-4978-8bdc-a6f397c38bc5_zps72b946de.jpg
Granddad Gerry bought him his very own computer. Here he is sitting with me..........another gift was face paint and you can see that reflecting in the glow of the computer screen
 photo fa7f5d19-b70a-4815-84f7-d106b63240dc_zps449ded65.jpg
Tristen had spent the night with Auntie Laura so we could get everything ready without him there. He left with Grandma Laura and Reina so he could continue playing while we cleaned up. We have a great family who work well together for this little boy. We are just so happy to have him and know what a blessing it was that he was home that fateful night. I thank God all the time for that. He is growing and now enjoying the first days of school. Time sure does fly.


Mac n' Janet said...

You put on quite a spread, can't understand why your son didn't fancy the Spiderman cake.
I'm fairly new to your blog, I gather Tristan's mother died recently?

must love junk said...

Looks like a fun family day! :)

Kay G. said...

Wow, that food and those birthday cakes, I think it all looks fantastic!
Tristan is growing up very quickly indeed.

Magic Love Crow said...

Time does go by too fast!
What a great party!
What a great spread!
Two birthdays on one day! Special!
Great photos ;o)
Hugs ;o)