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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Third of January.......................

Well now, the Christmas tree is down. All packed away. I spent yesterday and today polishing furniture. Gerry lugged all the Christmas boxes downstairs and brought the usual stuff back up. I am going through each box sorting and rearranging things as I go.
The living room, as I mentioned before I am changing its theme. It was Native American, built around a picture I love that my parents bought us. It was time for a change though. This is an abstract that we swapped it with.
 photo 1d9700cc-adb6-4155-8653-c7b2d3755cb4_zpse4ca8b5e.jpg
Not exactly thrilling art, and will never be as loved as my Indians is what it is and brings colour to the room.
I used that picture as the base to choose colours for cushions and things to bring into the room. I used a picture my dad did many many years ago in needlepoint. Hunting is not my thing at all, but it is a typical English scene and serves the purpose for now.
 photo 6f54fcde-296b-40e0-bf80-303090528cd6_zps2333f97d.jpg
Notice I brought in tea pots and things to make it more English. I am doing this throughout the downstairs. Please note, I have yet to straighten and tweek things as I am still unpacking. It may be very different once I am done.
 photo 407c304a-a153-4a82-8b1f-1ce9bc810a37_zps422671ba.jpg
New lamps and there were only two left so I lucked out on that. Same with the cushions.
 photo bd8965eb-1da8-45ea-be01-5abe5657f938_zpsb816e072.jpg
I used an embroidered runner that Dad embroidered. Yes, my dad did that. I remember my mum and dad sitting in front of the fire embroidering. Later Dad did the tapestry work instead, I have a picture of the Pope in the dining room that he did for my Mother in law. We got that back when she died. Anyway the flowers have to be reset as they got sort of crushed during their hiatus.
 photo 3d93f5a5-dad5-4bd7-951c-d773345e20d5_zps5b098a8b.jpg
 photo 0e230149-7e4a-417c-b67a-27857ba7277f_zps6e678c12.jpg
The poodles are a tad put out. Their heating pad is still there but their quilt is gone. I will probably have to put it back once it has been washed. Spoilt little brats
 photo 0671f8f7-93ae-45cd-9e96-ec8b143de001_zpscdbb1161.jpg
The idea is to lighten up the room, I took down the drapes and will have to readjust the under curtains, but for now they have certainly lightened things up during the day. I brought in a painting I did to replace the old one that was dark also. I may be able to paint some different ones later.
 photo b075c540-47ad-41ad-8192-21fa2420ff04_zpsb819f8ec.jpg
I put my fish floats in a crystal bowl instead of the wire basket, again more light reflecting
 photo 5e6eaefa-a947-4530-8bc8-0e7bbd736665_zps3e5ff2fd.jpg
The one on the coffee table is in a glass bowl I will be the only thing on there. I will be swapping out the table and using Laura's old one that is less heavy. Maybe tomorrow.
 photo 68ec2599-1355-4140-839a-0a3ca40eff55_zps9bd66acb.jpg
Meanwhile, the rest of the house is still in disarray. I have everything that is left in the dining room. Tomorrow, last day for sorting upstairs and relocating. Two more boxes to unpack.
Look what I found in the CHristmas tree box.....Cooper
 photo 131ec705-83bb-49fb-b112-4158eaf2c8af_zps6ba5956a.jpg
I will do another post when all is done. Although I don't think there will be a lot of change in the other rooms. Maybe I will do a tour of the house once its all in order


Mac n' Janet said...

It's looking good, love the colors and the teapots definitely give it a cottage feel. Looking forward to more pictures.

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything looks wonderful! That abstract painting is large! It's really cool looking! Cooper in the box! LOL! Hugs ;o)