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Sunday, November 1, 2015


I knew it but didn't want to. ADHD. We had the school fill out a form for the doctors office. I also filled out a form. The doctor had little doubt that Tristen has it. I have waited this long to take action. I hate the idea of drugs for the problem. It was the last option for me. I feel that to give a pill to solve every problem makes it more difficult when the child gets older to say not to take drugs to make you feel better. For recreation, for fun. I must work that out before then.
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Tristen has always been outgoing and social. Always been active. As he has got older he has also become hyperactive. Always busy. He can sit still for a long period of time if he is watching a movie that holds his interest, or playing a game he is interested in. We do a lot of outside activity. We keep him busy, naturally that is not possible every day all day.
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We do a lot of hiking, walking and outside play. He has swimming lessons once a week and I will now sign him up for Taekwondo once a week. That should help with self discipline and I think he is ready now. I can't really afford it but I think it will make a difference.
I can't wait to see him do that.
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I will be getting ice skates for him and me and hope I dont kill myself haha. Better get that life insurance first. I have not skated in many many years and was only then just beginning to learn. Ah well, what ever it takes. I would also like to do some hiking in the snow. For that I will have to rely on someone else taking us as I wont be wanting to drive in the snow.
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If anyone has any suggestions on this subject I will be happy to hear from you.
I am seeing a pscych doctor tomorrow, and then the next appointment he will see Tristen. Tristen sees his regular doctor on Tuesday. We started him on Concerta but I see no difference in just over a week. In fact if anything he is worse because getting to sleep has been a pain. I am willing to try things here but I wont experiment on him. I think the school needs to learn to deal with things on a certain level. I am talking to as many people as I find for ideas and I am shocked how prevelent this is. It never used to be. I don't buy that its always been there. Yes, maybe on a certain level, but discipline helped a great deal in years gone by. Sure some fell through the cracks, that always happens but to me the food processing and sugar levels have a lot to do with it. I don't go for the immunations being a cause of Autism but it sure is something. I believe its in the food. We have to deal with that and I have tried diet. So many of the foods kids love had yellow or red food dye and thats part of it for him. I limit sugar intake. The trouble is he is not a food lover. Not a lot he likes to start with. So what be continued.


NanaDiana said...

WE have dealt with this issue in our family, too. God bless you- it is a seek and find sort of "fix". We did use a very strict diet and that helped immensely but it is not easy. I think a lot of it is sugar related and related to foods that turn into sugar in the system.

I pray that you can find something that works for Tristen and I do thing the martial arts will help tremendously.

Blessings and prayers- Diana

Christine said...

Janice all the best to you in this new development, it is good to know for sure so you can be able to handle it the best way.