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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Me and Tristen in the woods.................

After Tristens doctors appointment yesterday we decided to make good use of such a lovely day. It was sunny and warm, almost 70 degrees. Certainly hot walking up and down hills. The woods were lovely and there were quite a few people out enjoying the day. We went off the trails though onto the less traveled trails. A bit of climbing took us up a ridge and there we sat for a rest.
 photo 103_1073_zpslmnwldws.jpg
 photo 103_1062_zpsy7kr8klw.jpg
 photo 103_1059_zpswghmfw4l.jpg
What a glorious day it was. Tristen was really enjoying himself and didn't want to leave. We climbed and scrambled over logs and fallen trees. It was somewhat difficult for me as I don't see that well. In fact going down I fell on my butt, whoompffff. Tristen laughs "Nanny you fell on your bum" .............oh yes I did, ouch. I pretended it didn't hurt but thought "thats going to hurt tomorrow".
Well we have to amuse the child don't we.
We got back onto the original trail after awhile but he was not ready to go home so I told him we would find another place to walk. He found a shell..............
 photo 103_1060a_zpsv9vxcxjw.jpg
So we left the woods and went to the "Labyrinth" there was a big tree down
 photo 103_1080_zpstijmrc8z.jpg
While he was trying to figure out the labyrinth I had spotted a deer, so I am sure he cheated.
 photo 103_1084_zps7bdhrjox.jpg
 photo 103_1082b_zpsbfgdafhn.jpg
I was glad we took water with us because we were both hot by the time we got back in the car.
I got him in the car by reminding him of the hay pile over by the old State Hospital. I wanted to get some pictures over there. That did the trick.
 photo 103_1114_zps7e2resm5.jpg
 photo 103_1122_zpsncsvch8z.jpg
Naturally Tristen found someone to play with.
 photo 103_1123_zpso5fmymxp.jpg
It was getting on and I needed to get home, well Tristen did not want to leave, he was having fun. At first even with the idea of icecream in his head he said no. Then I got firm about it and he came reluctantly but with the promice of ice cream. I will do a post later about the State Hospital and it's story. Tristen had a really good day and I proved I could drive OK even with a lot of traffic around. So I am feeling a bit more independent. We will do that more often.

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NanaDiana said...

That was a wonderful day for him, Janice. I am proud of all you do for him and I know you love him dearly. You are a good "mom-mom" to him. He sure is a cute kid and he loves the outdoors...that is so good for him, and you, too.
God bless you. Hope your bum is not too sore! xo Diana