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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015................

Lets see I have how many weeks before Christmas? to loose the weight I put back on getting ready and during Thanksgiving. We were going to skip it this year as far as a big meal etc but Justin and Carrie were able to come down (from the UP) with Teal. Jason was coming home and Laura got the day off work and so it just seemed like it was the right time to do it. So I think it all went really well. Carrie was terrific, she and Justin helped prepare Wednesday night and they even did the shopping for me, and paid for it. We had the basics already but there was still a lot to get.

Gerry, Laura and Robert with Reina, Jason, Teal and Carrie. Justin, Gabby and Tony and Cooper. Tristen was still playing outside.
 photo 103_1741_zpshnbrnrw5.jpg
Carrie and Justin in the kitchen
 photo 103_1743_zpsmcg0basg.jpg
By the time everyone was here and the food was ready everyone was starving, they were hovering. Now I would love to be one of those people who can set a nice table, get out all the best dishes and crystal. That's what I would love. Reality, my family is not like that. Trays in the living room watching the games. Some of us at the table talking. This year I didn't even put everything in proper serving dishes. They were too hungry. Here is Gerry carving the turkey with everyone trying to grab a piece.
 photo 103_1733_zpsz2u6uzfz.jpg
 photo 103_1734_zpsjm5xxahi.jpg
We had the turkey, corned beef from the crockpot. Roast potatoes, mashed potatoes. Brussels, Green beans, baby carrots. Two kinds of stuffing (Carrie is gluten intolerant) two kinds of gravy. Carrie made some excellent rutabaga and carrot mix, and cranberry relish. She also made pies. We had cake and ice cream after for Laura's birthday.
 photo 103_1747_zpsk2yqvv9b.jpg
Notice someone (we blamed Justin) changed the candle from 49 to 94. Turns out it was Tony after all.
Cooper enjoyed the cake
 photo 103_1754_zps28c1p9ux.jpg
 photo 103_1751a_zpsisbmlelk.jpg
It was GOOD
 photo 103_1756_zpsll4libok.jpg
 photo 103_1757_zpsv7cyk202.jpg
I really enjoyed this years Thanksgiving I have never had anyone help me with it before, not like that and boy did it make it less stressful. You know, people offer to help, they do, but Carrie just went ahead and did it. When you have to explain what needs to be done, its not much help and so I just say no and that's OK. This was nice. Justin even did dishes after so Gerry got a break too.He had to have stood 2 hours doing dishes.

Gabby, Tony with Cooper and Jason
 photo a_zps0ei7bpfa.jpg
Gerry, Laura, Robert and Teal.
 photo 103_1737_zpsupqjbgne.jpg
Justin and Carrie brought Winslow with them. They have 4 dogs but Winslow cant be left. I think he fit right in don't you.
 photo 103_1768_zps697qdajy.jpg


NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful family gathering, Janice. Family is really what it is all about, isn't it? I know you were missing faces that weren't there-as we were, too.
Love Winston- looks like he had his fill and was sleeping it off. xo Diana

Kay G. said...

Listen, don't you worry one bit about having everything in proper dishes! The food looks GREAT! And reading Nana Diana's comment above, she is so right, it is all about family and love and giving thanks! Looking forward to Christmas now?

Magic Love Crow said...

Everything went terrific! A great family gathering :) You celebrate like we do. We usually start at the table and then end up infront of the tv. As long as everyone is comfortable and eating, everyone is happy :) The food looked delicious! Great pics!