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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Belated Christmas..............

This year everyone was home for Thanksgiving and so Christmas was very quiet. We were all sick one way or other. It was just Gerry, me and Tristen. Laura and her family came over in the afternoon for their presents.
Tristen opened one gift on Christmas Eve but was happy with that. He even waited quite patiently on Christmas morning. I am glad he isn't one of those who get so cranky and over excited about it all. We don't do Father Christmas so he knows that the gifts come from people.
Christmas Eve we had a PJ day and he was happy to help me in the house.
 photo 103_2223_zpseqkviscn.jpg
He loves doing dishes. Well he loves playing with the soap and water anyway.
 photo 103_2225_zpspsacdbvc.jpg
He even vacuumed for me.
 photo 103_2252_zpsvirj63wf.jpg
He did a good job too.
 photo 103_2250_zpsh6zqwupa.jpg
That allowed me to make my cheese balls to give away. I really didn't do any baking this year. I did make some toffee crispy treats that everyone likes and some hot crackers that people like. That was it though. I just didn't feel up to it.I made those things so I could give treats to Gabby and Tony.
By the time it was bedtime I was whooped and ready to go. Then I remembered I had not wrapped Tristens preasents. That probably took an hour.
I bought a bunch of gift cards for the guys. Tony is unemployed at the moment so he got one for gas, a visa to spend as he wished and an Applebys card so they could go to dinner.
 photo 103_2262_zpscozlnsvg.jpg
Tristen likes to play "Little Pet shop" with Reina so I got him some new stuff for them to play with.
 photo 103_2286_zpsxjgne2mc.jpg
He just watched Paddington Bear so I found a Paddington. He liked that.
He was also lucky to get a lot of Star Wars stuff, funny that when you think my own kids had all the original Star Wars stuff. Pity we didn't still have that. It's hard to believe it was 1977 (?) when that came out.
Gerry and I had a pork roast for dinner so it was not much for clean up. Just as well because the Dishwasher broke. A good job that didnt happen at Thanks giving when everyone was home. As it was Justin spend a couple of hours cleaning up at Thanksgiving. A new dishwasher has been ordered. I am hoping to change the counter tops soon and get a new look in the kitchen.
I usually do all the decorating at the Thanksgiving weekend but just didn't have time or energy this year. The company didn't leave until Sunday so that weekend was out. After that my cold just got worse. Gerry put up the tree but we didnt decorate it. Still looked pretty.
Next year maybe we will do better. Tristen didn't seem to mind. He went to his aunt Laura for their annual party and a couple of extra days to play with what they got him.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Sounds like everything went well :) Sorry about the dishwasher! I love the pictures! So happy Tristen is such a good helper!