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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tristen goes to a Party.......

I got an invite for Tristen from a class friend of his. I phoned Christopher's mother to accept. I was not keen to begin with as I don't know them. I just had to do it for Tristen. There was a time I would have dreaded something like this. I am not comfortable with strangers. So walking into a room of people I don't know is torture for me. Anyway, they were very nice and welcoming. Tristen dived right in and he and Christopher got playing. There were several other children there already. They had balloons. The balloons were a hit. The kids were banging each other around with them and chasing all through the room.
Christopher's mother made all the food. Apparently at some point they had a restaraunt so she was used to catering. She is a tiny woman, very cute. Needless to say, much younger than us. I didn't get many pictures, I was not sure if I should or not but here is one.
 photo 103_2068a_zps8dykgslh.jpg
It was mainly Christopher's family. They had invited his whole class but not too many showed up. That was OK though, I don't think he noticed. Originally we were going to leave Gerry at the party and Reina and I were going shopping, but when we got there I didn't think we should leave. After a bit Gerry's back was hurting too much and he had to leave to go to the car and lay back in the seat to rest it. So I stayed. Reina who was not invited was accepted in and she found some girls later to play with. Christopher's mother told us to tuck in to the buffet. She made everything herself. It was Oriental food and was awesome. I couldn't eat much but she did such a great job.
Later the kids all got to go and ride on the Carosel.
 photo 103_2067_zpsxx2wdfgy.jpg
 photo 103_2067ab_zpsxqrsjhvm.jpg
It was hard to get a clear picture but I think you can see they are having fun. Christopher is on the outside in check shirt with Tristen next to him and then Reina.
 photo 103_2065_zps4an8iqzd.jpg
 photo 103_2063h_zpsbd1fdt2a.jpg
 photo 103_2062a_zpselplpdxn.jpg
When the ride was done we went back, more family had arrived and the kids carried on playing. Tristen was going to Laura's for the weekend so she met us there and stayed until it was time to go home. She also ate and was saying how good the food was. She stayed from 6 to 7.30 so I think Tristen had a very nice time, his first birthday invite from school. I suppose I am going to have to get used to it. Tomorrow night is his swimming lesson and we have to take him to that. A whole different life style for us old codgers.


Christine said...

Sounds like a fun time for all!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful photos, a great time for everyone,, you are a busy woman for sure! Thank you for visiting me,, I'm catching up with everyone,,

Magic Love Crow said...

Great photos! What a fun party!!!