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Monday, December 21, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas...............

My memory must be bad. It didn't seem like Mum and Dad spent so much time on Christmas as we do. To me as a kid things just magically appeared of course. I do remember searching for gifts and finding them hidden one year. I had to snoop naturally. Tried to tear a package open without moving it. It was unsuccessful but didn't stop me from trying. She hid them in a different place all the time so must have know I would look. I don't remember my kids doing that. Then again once wrapped they are under the tree.
This year I have just not felt like going all out and decorating. Sick since Thanksgiving my energy is low.
Christmas just does not have the magic that it did when I was a kid. Of course it doesn't I am grown up now. This is the start of our tree for this year. It's up and lights are on. That's as far as we have got so far.
 photo 103_2204_zps4raskafj.jpg
I thought Tristen had forgotten but no, today he asked when we will decorate the tree. SO guess we have to do that after all. Thats OK he can have fun doing it on Wednesday when school is out.
Tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping and get wrapping paper. Then I can wrap gifts.
I remember at least one tree at home. It was very spindly and had a few lights and lots of silver frost hanging on it. we don't use that anymore.Tinsel and icicles were standard back then.
I remember our first trees having candles on them instead of lights. Nothing as pretty as that I think. Real candles. Fire hazard, yes.Then again, what wasn't back then. Many people burned every winter standing on the hearth using the mirror over the fire to do makeup. My great grandmother died from being burned when having dropped a coin, she knocked the lamp over trying to find it. Set her clothes on fire and died a week later.
 photo 12f7592fcb77024be880d9c08e7372a4_zpsohi2luij.jpg
I like simple decorations and lots of glass balls. That reminds me, I want to stop at Michaels and get some glass bells to make some ornaments. I mean those big things you can use to cover a plant with.
 photo 7ba9170df24dc254aad627c9a764b79b_zpsrhnnmkj1.jpg
I love red and gold best of all, with fire and glass and twinkles. It's a magical combination.
 photo 8b137e3565895957153408cc49fe6e0a_zpsis3widm5.jpg
When and if I do get some decorating done I will take some pictures. For now these are borrowed.
I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can finish up and get everything ready. I have to make cheeseballs and cookies to give away. I have to be better tomorrow. I just must.


Merlesworld said...

I surpose candles on a christmas tree would be a fire hazard but they would be very pretty.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family.

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about your Great Grandmother! Mom didn't feel like decorating this year either! She hung some ornaments in the kitchen and I bought some flowers for her yesterday. That will be it for this year. I hold my memories from the past, very close to my heart, when growing up. Things change. Right now, being with friends and family are what mean the most for my mom. Merry Christmas! I think your house looks beautiful!

Kay G. said...

I hope you feel better now!
Merry Christmas to you, hug that sweet little boy for me!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family peace, joy, and good health for Christmas and the New year!

With temperatures approaching 70 degrees, it is very difficult to feel like it is Christmas. I am sure later tonight when we go to Christmas vigil mass, I will feel much better.

Best wishes and hugs to you, Janice!