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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A day on the dunes.................

Laura had two days off work this week. We both decided we need exercize. We both need to loose 10pound (me at least 10 if not more because that would only put me back to where I was last year) Neither of us can get in our summer clothes.
So Tuesday we decided as it was a bit cold, that the Cottonwood trail at the top of the Dunes would be quite sheltered. It was and was really nice. Chilly but for walking in sand, that's a good thing. There was quite a bit of climbing along the way. We had thought we would not see anyone up there as the park is not officially open yet. No such luck but we were early enough that is was hardly noticable that there were a few others out there. We started off and lucky she had brought an extra sweater because I didn't and it was windy. photo 13177342_10154145096454761_5708105383725366322_n_zps5fdsrvuc.jpg
On the way up we stopped and watched 3 deer eating.
 photo 103_4039_zpszlopxpe7.jpg
 photo 103_4036_zpsgiiakvo7.jpg
People just drive on by, they don't seem to stop for the things we do. We love to see wildlife and will stop to watch it anytime we can.
 photo 103_4043_zpskthbsoas.jpg
The Dunes themselves are an echosytem all their own, if that is the right word. There are specialized grasses and shrubs, small because the winds and sand blasting keep them close to the ground. There are ghost forests that have been swallowed up in the ever moving dunes. For us it's always something new. Walking in sand can be very hard going for me. So great exercize. Some of the sand had not a mark on it, some looked like waves in the ocean.
 photo 103_4045_zpsporsc35n.jpg
We were serenaded and watched by this little guy
 photo 103_4054j_zpskk04wdun.jpg
Laura at the top, and then over this hill, another
 photo 103_4056_zpsi9lotii8.jpg
I have to say the trails are well marked, unlike other places we could mention.
We made it all the way to what is the top of the Dune climb. This was maybe half way for us.
 photo 103_4074_zpsqotvkzqi.jpg
 photo 13221100_10154145096719761_8027344580748898771_n_zpsvhbg9hi6.jpg
 photo 103_4075_zps2mlul3ij.jpg
The view was wonderful, it was a pity we didn't have blue skys but really if we did it would have been too warm. Up here we were sand blasted.
 photo 103_4073_zpsatuz4gpa.jpg
 photo 103_4080_zpsbdsah0io.jpg
 photo 13177549_10154145096564761_3790152955419416674_n_zpsblyibdel.jpg
 photo 103_4082_zpsiwj0nko2.jpg
The trail is 1 1/2 miles round trip. Going back was easier except for the flying sand. We put our hoods up.
We looked down onto DH Day farm, now in the possession of the Park.
 photo 103_4061_zpsrnkeu4ya.jpg
We wish they would fix that beautiful house. It seems to be falling to ruin. They did fix the barns so no idea what the hold up is on the house.
Here is the house and barns from the road.
 photo 103_4085_zpsj85bh7cc.jpg
 photo 103_4086_zpsvb3p4qlq.jpg
 photo 103_4087_zpskp9040dn.jpg
After that we took some back roads to see what we could see. Not much that day. We did see these guys who had run into the woods when I took a picture of a barn, they thought we couldn't see them.
 photo 103_4089h_zpsaf0wb24g.jpg
No worry, we won't hurt you. We also saw some really pretty turkeys and had fun teasing them. Laura would gobble gobble and they would stretch their necks to see what it was.
 photo 103_4096h_zpsy6hrpxz8.jpg
 photo 103_4097h_zpsanrwqtjw.jpg
 photo 103_4091_zpsmpqfsw1w.jpg
There are so many wonderful old barns around this area. It was a strong farm settlement, the land was good and the immigrants came from Bohemia and Germany. Strong farming stock. They had to be, the conditions were harsh in the winters but the land was good and yielding. You can tell where old farms have been and gone by the old Lilac bushes and Daffodils and stuff that are just out there in the middle of nowhere.
 photo 103_4092_zps9uy0daw6.jpg
I had not been all the way around that trail before and I doubt I would try it in summer but it would be lovely in the Fall. I must remember that.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Another great day! It looks really windy! Love the pictures! I need to loose weight too! I won't say how much! LOL!