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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Afternoon walk..................

It was snowing this morning. Sunny this afternoon but still chilly. I cant remember another May quite like this. I usually have my stuff in the garden by now. Anyway, this afternoon we went for a walk. Took the kids out to let off some steam and they did. No wildlife sightings on this day. We took them to the park and after they hollered and screamed a bit and ran around screaming like banchees, we went for a walk in the woods.
 photo 103_4010_zpsudurf0jg.jpg
Any hope of seeing if the Beavers were home, gone.
 photo 103_4012_zpsovoyvi8r.jpg
The kids found some of their work and made good use of it.
 photo 103_4017_zpsgztxbzs0.jpg
The Beavers must still be there because of all the chewed down trees.
 photo 103_4031_zpsrqqegfau.jpg
No hope of us seeing them, not today anyway. We did spy a baby turtle though.
 photo 103_4024h_zpsc0cdwpjg.jpg
We enjoyed a chilly walk but it was good to get out. The kids just ran and ran.
 photo 103_4032_zpsdrmugbxx.jpg
Not a lot going on in the woods though. Not much in the way of flowers either, but the May was out, not that we have much of it around these parts. Not suer thats what it is but it certainly made me think of it.
 photo 103_4039g_zpsrudnh9y8.jpg
 photo 103_4038h_zpsup0jir0u.jpg
This plant looks like Holly but......with this flower? I must look this up.
 photo 103_4034g_zpswbbsfqa6.jpg
After that we let them have another spin around the playground
 photo 103_4051j_zpsshttg2uf.jpg
 photo 103_4052_zpsrpevjyl2.jpg
Then it was home for a bath for the boy and another day brought to a close
Here they are digging up a nice rock. Hmmmmmm Dirt and kids, just go together
 photo 103_4041_zpsiuk5yxkn.jpg
 photo 103_4042_zpscznxbcju.jpg
 photo 103_4035_zpsxcdqngcp.jpg
Tomorrow all being well we will be off for another walk. Without the kids.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

How lucky your grandchildren are, to enjoy all that beautiful space and lots of nature's best.
They look so happy, and enjoying time with grandma.

Magic Love Crow said...

Nice walk Janice!!!