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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Back to the Boardman.......................

Today, Tuesday, the Nature center should be open so we went back. Cooper liked it because it has a section for kids to do things.
They have colouring papers, a tunnel to climb through, books. Magnifiers and stuff to look at. Puppets and stuffies. He zeroed in on a balloon and focused on that.
 photo 2017-06-27_01.22.43_zpssvamjm4t.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_01.22.08_zpsmdqrivur.jpg
He enjoyed that so much he didn't want to move on and look at the exhibits, but we got him going.
 photo 2017-06-27_01.25.57_zps1a9g9wps.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_01.26.04_zpsasch3m0o.jpg
They have Michigan wildlife exhibits and telling a bit about them at each station. Sometimes including skeletons.
 photo 2017-06-27_01.27.37_zpsboqbv5tu.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_01.31.00_zpspza9dkql.jpg
He enjoyed being able to "touch".
 photo 2017-06-27_01.46.14_zpsl67uhmrz.jpg
I went outside while he went back to the activity center.
 photo 2017-06-27_01.35.42kk_zpsl3qzz4ja.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_01.35.13j_zpsitpik6pi.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_01.34.26k_zpsalazydfw.jpg
When he was done we went for a walk. The Peace Trail.
 photo 2017-06-27_01.54.33_zpsxxk8fe2w.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_01.56.48_zpsztprlkf4.jpg
this followed the river a way as it opened up into more of a pond.
 photo 2017-06-27_02.00.28_zpsg9g9zji9.jpg
 photo 2017-06-27_02.04.04l_zpsee2ea09o.jpg
The Swans were there today
 photo 2017-06-27_02.10.02h_zps5w4jg0ya.jpg
A pair with one baby that I could see
 photo 2017-06-27_02.00.43k_zpsbd00zgzr.jpg
At a distance some turtles were sunbathing. I wonder what will happen to them all when they change things. How do they plan on opening it all up and changing the direction and flow of the river.
 photo 2017-06-27_02.01.47_zps5rhkqerp.jpg
Cooper is not used to long walks, so we kept it short again. He does well but looses interest quite quickly. At least we got some walking in again.
He had wanted to go back inside for the balloon but we deflected that by reminding him of his rock from yesterday, was it still there? Off he went to check that out and that was quite near the car. Phew!!! We made it without a meltdown.


samia hussain said...

nice post

Magic Love Crow said...

A great day filled with fun! Big Hugs!