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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First long drive............................

Since Laura has been working a lot lately and I have been baby sitting its been difficult for us to get out to-gether. So now Gabby is here with Cooper and they are bored, I figured I would try to get out a bit more. Me driving.
Since I lost sight in the right eye I have been very cautious. I have not driven unless necessary and then only short distances. I always seem to have kids in the car so don't want to take chances. I used to take Tristen back and forth to school, go to the corner store and things like that. Then I got braver and went to Meijer's a bit further and going further and further, still only close to home though. So..............what to do, could we go to the beach? How would it be?
Reina came over while Laura was working and so I decided a picnic and day out would be good. We started out for Empire and on to Benzie County to the Betsie Point Light House.
 photo 20170808_101453_zps0nm70czt.jpg
Cooper started off with shoes and socks on, we were not prepared to get wet. Should know better by now right?
 photo 20170808_104855_zpsb9yeu27a.jpg
We walked a way up the beach, loads of stones but lots of people too. We didn't intend to stay. The lighthouse was not open or I would have paid for them to go in and explore. Its a nice museum. It is looking somewhat neglected these days. I wonder why. Should be open by now. Cooper and Gabby are not much for exploring and walking so we didn't stay long. Gabby got soaked haha.
 photo 20170808_112734k_zps8qolf522.jpg
 photo 20170808_112649j_zps7obzey8o.jpg
We had brought a picnic for lunch as no money, but we never need money to have fun. I brought some bread and boiled eggs, veggies, cheese, blueberries, apple sauce. We made sandwiches. I had intended to go into Frankfort to the park but changed my mind and went to the small community park, easier to park the car and no people.Cooper choked down his food and went off to play.
 photo 20170808_123324_zpsdgvpoupc.jpg
After that we went to Crystal Gardens to the Barn Swallow where they have a small bird, animal sanctuary that kids like. Little ones love seeing the butterfly and finches. They have a new rabbit and the Peacocks have eggs. What Reina remembers though is the bathroom has mints in a basket to help your self to.
 photo 105_0226_zpsrj5bfqos.jpg
 photo 20170808_125548_zpskzhp9nrq.jpg
 photo 105_0227_zpstsbkyqjc.jpg
 photo 105_0221kk_zpsifs6sufv.jpg
 photo 105_0221k_zpsjnyokek7.jpg
Cooper really wanted to see the Butterfly but we no longer got in there than he wanted out again.
 photo 105_0236_zpspulumwvc.jpg
 photo 105_0238k_zps1yngbalh.jpg
The little Finches are so cute and fly free, as do the Doves. There are Painted Turtles in the small pond. A white chicken running loose was hidden behind a bush (he thought he was anyway)
 photo 105_0233_zpscttrnjbw.jpg
 photo 20170808_125407_zps0fgcjyra.jpg
 photo 105_0228k_zpsbt3xzpjx.jpg
We strolled through the water garden and the rock shop before heading off to see if we could find another beach. I thought it late for Poppies but this one was beautiful
 photo 105_0248j_zpsausiiwoc.jpg
We went first to the beach off Esch Rd but it was so packed, I just turned and left, we went along the dirt road but didn't see any animals. So many people about this day. Apparently some kind of biking event was taking place. Didn't anyone warn them I was on the road? far so good though. As Esch Rd beach was a no go we headed out towards Glen Arbor. At the last moment I decided on Glen Haven because the Blacksmith shop should be open. It was. I knew Cooper had not been there and was surprised it actually held his interest.
 photo 105_0263_zpski4dgxiw.jpg
After that I headed for the Lighthouse parking lot and found a spot. Then down to the beach and this time everyone put on beach shoes and Cooper stripped
 photo 105_0273_zpsosj6zugq.jpg
 photo 105_0281_zpskrgzzs1u.jpg
It may not look as though there are many people there but there was. People tend to just get to the beach and stop right there, so once you walk up or down the beach you are again on your own. I was not in rock hunting mode this time. Cooper got himself a bag of rocks to take home, I will put those in the garden haha.......we did pick up some driftwood that will go into another couple of wind chimes.
 photo 105_0277_zpsxd0tjonq.jpg
So I think my first long distance trip did rather well. I was ok, not afraid and felt confident. I know those roads well enough so was comfortable. Could have done without all the bikes even though going the opposite way. Probably kept the deer away from the roads though. So I think I will manage going out on my own. Laura is moving down state so our days of adventure are done for now. She will be busy moving and we will be busy getting her house ready to sell. Lots of work this Fall. Hoping for a quick sale to get us through.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a fun grandma you are Janice !
You remind me so much of my own gran, she loved going to the seaside, and take any neighbor children with us, dogs and all if they wanted to go too :)
You put a lot of effort into making some wonderful memories with your family, they will always remember those times.
I'm happy to read you are driving once again, and feeling comfortable with it. Just take it slowly, and not too far.
Lovely day out, and beautiful views to enjoy.

Janice Kay Schaub said...

Thank you so much, you are too kind. I feel better now I have done it and have a little more freedom to do things.

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day Janice! I agree, you are a fun Grandma!! Well done with the driving! You look beautiful in the pictures!! I see you found my blog! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you today! I will try to tomorrow, just to go over things with you! Big Hugs!