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Friday, October 7, 2011


Well love them or hate them they are always entertaining. We have had several over the years. They have come to us in round about ways, they choosing us rather than us choosing them. Our latest addition to the family is Boots. She came here pregnant a couple of years ago now. We took her to the vets and got her spayed. I know, horrible thing to do but............we could not deal with kittens and our vet said she was not far along and he would rather do this than put kittens to sleep later. Why do we avoid saying "kill" that's what we do.
Maybe some day I will tell you about our other cats Buffy (the mouse slayer) and Beatrice both much loved and now departed. We have had visiting cat cousins over the years and they have always got along with our poodles of the moment. We have always had poodles.
Well now, this Boots..........the one who escaped and was cocky enough to not want to come back in when we discovered her outside, that is until the rain started and she was howling pathetically. Anyway, she is back inside and back to her usual tricks.


So one of the things I like about cats is how they think they are so cool. Boots came sauntering into my bathroom the other day. Rubbed along the shower, rubbed on the cupboard and chinned the shelf and sauntered over to admire herself in the glass doors. She was rubbing along those and looking at two chain belts hanging from the door nob when I moved my foot. I swear she levitated about 3 feet off the ground, jangled the belts that clanged on the glass scaring her even more. I believe she kicked in her after burners and shot out of the room backwards at a level of 3 feet off the ground. I was laughing so hard I didnt see her land. No longer the cool kitty but a kitty of twice its natural size and shape. She then proceeded to clean herself and stalked off in a huff. Hehe..............

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Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I had to laugh at this description of Boots. Our Boots came to us through a round about way also. And the terms skitty kitty fits him perfectly. Before he became a permanent resident he would peer into the patio door from outside. If there was anyone other then us inside he would high tail it back to safety.

Got to love cats, they are so self absorbed, that even when they are scared out of their fur ball coats, they are into themselves.

What a great story, I was so there....

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams