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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bath Time...........

Most people of my generation who were raised in England will remember Galvanized tubs. We had our weekly bath in front of the living room fire, at least in the winter. I remember sitting with my butt burning on one side and freezing on the other, surrounded by laundry drying on the horse. The houses were damp in winter from hanging in the house. The laundry was done in the kitchen sink with water boiling on the gas stove. The laundry hung on lines across the kitchen and usually were ironed damp then hung on the horse to air. We did have an airing cupboard above the water tank in my bedroom. That was used to store blankets or air knitted sweaters.
We had a bathroom with a cast iron tub but with no heat in there or hot water it was not very pleasant in winter time. The water had to be boiled and cold added so there was not a lot of hot water. It was cold and I remember trying to lay in the water to stay warm and it not quite covering my body. I would turn to warm the other side and didn't want to get out and freeze. We did have a boiler but it took all day to heat the water, when mum did that we got at least a half tub of water and so we took turns. I bathed after mum in her soapy water and dad went in last. What I remember most though is those baths in front of the fire.
I don't know why these memories seem so good to me. Maybe just that it was a much simpler time. It was hard work for women. My childhood memories are good. I know I had a wonderful childhood. It had nothing to do with toys, it was all about freedom. I could wander all day alone over the fields. I had no fear. None of us had that many things in the way of toys, we made our own. Those that were bought were not our prized possessions more likely it would have been things we made. One thing most kids, especially the boys aspired to was a "Chassy" it was really a box om wheels that could be steered. We would get a crate or anything we could sit in then find a set of wheels. Usually pram wheels, they were ideal. They could be found sometimes in the hedge rows after the Gypsies left. So with the box on the wheels all one needed was a way to steer. That was the hard part. Being a girl I was only a helper looking for bits that were needed. I don't remember having my own, only helping to put them together and watching the boys. I spent a lot of my childhood on my friends farm. That's another story.

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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh my goodness, so many memories in this post Janice!!
Why is it the boys had the carts (we called them 'guiders') and not the girls, they wouldn't get away with that nowadays. :)
Vivienne x

Liz said...

Well, fancy.. we only bathed once a week! But that was normal - the rest of the time you had a 'washdown' so hopefully we did not smell too bad! In our house the washing was complicated: we had a 'boiler' which was a whitewashed affair built in a corner of the scullery with a big bowl shape on the top and a fire under. So you lit the fire, put water in the bowl and then bashed your washing with a 'dolly'. Dragged it out, red hot, over to the stone sink to rinse in cold water after putting it through the mangle. Then mangle it again. And off to the grden to dry or over the kitchen range in the winter. Uggh. How would we survive now!

Dawn said...

Oh, for those days! I know it was hard work --- but that coupled with a quiet, nature infused life made for a better existence then our tech-savvy-all-about-me society that seems so prevelant today.

Lovely post!

JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

I'd forgotten to all of these things - thank you for bringing back the memories.

We called the carts 'trolleys' and I can't ever remember where we got the wheels from but they were always pram wheels.

Like you, we would spend all day wandering around the firelds exploring the hedgerows and catching butterflies. A great childhood!

Thanks also for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.