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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Close the door ............................


we close the door on this old sad year
where loss and death caused many a tear.
A new year waits with promice and hope
we must move on and begin to cope.
While memories linger and we will still glance back
we can set our feet on a brand new track
We can close that door and lean against it
shut out its shadows, a new candle is lit.
we will always love the one who has gone
but we have to move forwards and start to be strong
New dreams and new challenges lay up ahead
We can not always look forward with dread
Yes we miss our loved one for sure
but it is now time to close up that door
Pick up that candle and hold it up high
march onwards and forwards with eyes to the sky
Our Faith will sustain us and hold us upright
as we look up ahead with bright candlelight.
JKS Jan 2012


Liz said...

Very moving Janice. Love, Liz

Elaine said...

A great post on entering the new year