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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Walks.......

(photo by jchanders)
Winter Walks......
Spider webs spun like silver strings
hung with diamonds and lacy wings.
Winter mornings cold and crisp
I do not linger walking brisk.
Past the fields where the cows all graze
in morning mists and sunny haze.
Breath in clouds hang in the air
As they they lift their bulky heads to stare.
I walk on past the village pond
Where cold ducks huddle on the banks beyond.
Snuggle down with feathers fluffed
Against the winds ice cold gusts.
I stroll along through woods that sleep,
Past Willow trees that hang and weep.
Along rushing streams and babbling brook
I hear the raucous calls of Rook.
Empty nests in tree tops high
Darkened shadows against the sky.
I walk on back along the lane
As the sun rises up to warm again.
A watery sun in a Winter sky
Silence breaks at the Jackdaws cry.
My footsteps echo in this quiet place
Where cobwebs hang like frozen lace.
They soon will melt as the sun gets strong.
I hurry home now where I belong,
Shed the gloves, the coat and hat,
Poke the fire and move the cat.
She stays inside on Winter days
Curled up tight by the fires blaze.

JKS 2012
(picture found on web, no name to credit)

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Cindy F. Adkins said...

I love the photos...especially the last one! So sweet :)
Hugs, Cindy