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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boots in the garden.................

Boots the cat has been enjoying the freedom of the garden. She has lost weight and is now rather sleek. She spends a lot of time just watching the holes the Chipmunks have made. She also dozes under the bird feeders. I watch her.............the Chickadee ignore her and I don't think she will take on a Blue Jay. If she does good luck. Here she is under the feeders on the deck dozing.............I had fun with this picture 101_0275-001 when I went out the other day she came and laid out on the path, the poodles went to see what she was doing and she started to play with them. 101_0217 They get all excited when she bats them with her paws. (declawed) she does it ever so gentle when she is just kidding. When she is not she gives them a nice smart slap. I imagine their little cheeks glowing. 101_0217-1 By far her favourite though is to lay in the sun. She will curl up on a garden seat cushion or on the bench on the front porch. The other day she must have been in the shrubs out front because I was filling the fountain with the hose, must have sprayed the shrubs because a very indignant cat came hurriedly out. Must have found a warm spot to hide and hope for a Chipmunk to come along. 101_0276-001

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Sandra Kaye said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...It is fun to have new people like your stuff:):) I really like your english spirit blog. I am a follower of it. You put out the coolest photos. I think it is great that we both love poodles!! I have to toys..and now a royal standard. She will top out at 100 pounds!! Well, here is to the poodle adventures !! Hugs