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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little boy in the sand box...............

Well today did not go as planned. I had really hoped to work in the garden. I have a lot of planting to do, but it rained this morning. No matter we went to get me a couple of new Shepherd's hooks. I have the bird feeders up near the deck now so I can take pictures of the birds. Anyway after that Gerry made the sand box. He had gone to get the materials in the morning but as it had been raining we did nothing till later. Well it cleared up long enough to get that done at least and I got my bird feeders hung up. 101_0121 There is Tristen with his new sand box, a seat big enough for two. I wonder how long the sand will stay where it belongs ? Already he has been taking in his house to "cook". He does so love it when we pretend to eat his offerings. I asked for a cup of tea and he brought out a cup of sand, face proudly beaming. He loved helping "Dah" by holding the nails and giving him them as needed. 101_0126 Here he is busy cooking up a meal for us......He does need some boys to play with. That's OK I guess we will cultivate his softer side, he certainly needs that. 101_0139 Just look at that beaming face. 101_0138

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Anonymous said...

What a great play area he has there. He does look very happy and content.