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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magical raindrops.................

Magical Raindrops
Magical raindrops that sparkle and shine, brighter than diamonds that come from a mine. Bright little jewels caught up in sunbeam. Makes the young girl inside of me dream. Dream of a misty fairy glade, Sparkles on every sunlit blade. Helps that child inside of me see, a fairy that rides on a bumble bee. I hear the buzz from flower to flower As I lay in the magical fairy bower. I drift into a dreamy haze, Oh how I miss those long sunny days. Childhood soon gives way to real life. Soon I became a mother and wife. Hard to remember those wonderful days When dewdrops sparkled in the suns warm blaze.
JKS May 2012
Photobucket Not my own photography this time, but I have found some wonderful pictures on Photobucket and although I can not give credit to the real photographers I thank them for sharing their work. If anyone will email I will give credit here because I do believe it is real art. The poem is my own. 1254128061B95cmE-1 How does one capture such a thing as this? I have much to learn. beauty-1 This is incredible don't you think? BeautifulDewDrops2

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a beautiful poem. It gives me that 'feeling' of my own childhood.
The pictures are amazing. I know when daughter has photographed things closely I have been completely blown away by some of the details in flowers that we just don't notice when we view them in passing. You are absolutely right, it is a real art form.