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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another fun day...............

We began our afternoon out by stopping at the fish hatchery. It is out in Benzie county. Not that you need to know that was place long ago that interested my dad on one of their trips over. We took our kids there with them. I should find those photos. Anyway, the place has changed a lot since then.
 photo DSCN4596u_zpsk0lkfxdv.jpg
 photo 100_7545_zpslana9bfn.jpg
 photo 100_7558_zps6yfxuzpx.jpg
The fish hatchery stocks the rivers and lakes around here with Coho Salmon. It's a great place to walk and see wildlife. We only saw frogs and geese but it was fun. Its right next to the river and I bet there are bear who go fishing around there, but none that day.
 photo 100_7565i_zpsaykikxlq.jpg
 photo 100_7566ju_zpsngkqdwga.jpg
 photo 100_7568j_zpsww5bi3sk.jpg
The birds were singing and it was a lovely warm day.
 photo 100_7557i_zpsezlnvyfx.jpg
After we left there we went into Frankfort. It was foggy there and we could not even see Lake Michigan. We let Tristen play at the park for awhile just to give him a chance to run and play. He always meets kids. We stopped to get snacks and then went looking for the Alpaca farm.
 photo 100_7600_zpsajcfwr9p.jpg
 photo 100_7605_zpsyo0xitjd.jpg
They have babies awwwwwwww. The guy they usually have out to be petted was not out that day. He is only on duty at weekends for now.
 photo 100_7612k_zps8xrwo3p7.jpg
I did buy my self a stuffy.
 photo 100_7647_zps7aypi53r.jpg
The shop sells wonderful things made with Alpaca fur. My stuffie was an Alpaca and I have to keep it up because the poodles want it, it must smell funny to them. Tristen got a small one too.
 photo 100_7602_zpsxwlx0cq4.jpg
They have two Pyranese Mountain dogs that live with the Alpaca day and night.
 photo 100_7609_zpsng6mkic1.jpg
The next trip was to Gwen Frostic's. She is gone from us but the business is still running. The printing presses were acually running that day. I will include a link rather than explain.
 photo 100_7621_zpsmozk8now.jpg
 photo 100_7625_zpsvryak9b1.jpg
 photo 100_7622_zpsotdmwd6q.jpg
Gwen was a lovely lady and I loved her simple art and poetry.
We went back the way we came from Frankfort and took M22 towards Empire stopping at Crystal Gardens. I love that place. A wonderful garden center with a rock shop and an Antique shop called Barn Swallow. Apart from that they have a wildlife exhibit but that was not open yet, they were working on it. Tristen and I went in because someone left the door open hehe......they were cleaning the pond and the exhibits.
The two white peacocks were there and the big ol' bunny was sleeping, we snuck back out. The peacock was strutting his stuff among the shrubbery so I did get some pictures.
 photo 100_7633_zpsrxbbppxr.jpg
 photo 100_7640_zpshhba2rwn.jpg
We could have stopped at the Lighthouse but it was late afternoon by then and we were getting hungry. We decided to stop at the Hayloft for supper they have the best Beef wet Burrito's.
 photo 100_7644_zpszeco4dy5.jpg
So then home to bed for Tristen who was worn out by then.

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

Those alpaca are so cute! I have a stuffed one very similar to yours, although mine may not be real alpaca wool. You do a great job of tiring out Tristen--and yourselves I bet!