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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some shopping and a walk...............

Today took us over to McGoughs to get some dog bisquits. I had a bit of running around to do so first we went to RiteAid pharmacy to get a few things and Tristen wanted a car. They are not expensive and it keeps him occupied. So after we were done I asked him if he would like to go for a walk, he said yes so off we went. I parked next to Oryana food store and we headed down the Boardman trail.
 photo 100_7329_zpspqyjrn7m.jpg
I was curious because I had not known there was a bridge over Boardman Lake/River until recently. SO I had wanted to explore.
 photo 100_7332_zps7krbgqku.jpg
 photo 100_7321_zpspbb5aqfd.jpg
I wanted to know where the trail came out. The air was thick with the scent of Honeysuckle.
 photo 100_7327u_zpseckwmdnl.jpg
Pink and yellow Honeysuckle. There were Red Wing Blackbirds who didn't pose, so not too good of a shot.
 photo 100_7320g_zpsjysj8vvs.jpg
 photo 100_7318_zpsporja9py.jpg
 photo 100_7368_zpsuy7zvt4l.jpg
So the trail came out across from the Library. They have a childrens garden so we decided to go across because Tristen likes the train. I took one look and it was swarming with kids. Tristen made a bee line for the garden. He is not shy, he joined right in. I asked one lady if it was a private party or what (didn't want to intrude) she said it was a school field trip.
 photo 100_7339_zps5fvp9oxv.jpg
 photo 100_7337_zpsmlazwvh1.jpg
 photo 100_7340_zpsd8idx4kn.jpg
 photo 100_7344_zpsqjf1jnar.jpg
I watched for a time to be sure everything was OK, no need to worry he got right in the thick of it. So I took a walk around to get some pictures of the flowers
 photo 100_7351_zpsbapabm5k.jpg
 photo 100_7346_zps84tno54x.jpg
 photo 100_7347_zpss5j0qre3.jpg
 photo 100_7364u_zpspamlcoc6.jpg
 photo 100_7362_zpsomdd5lbq.jpg

 photo 100_7359k_zps4y9jp5c7.jpg
 photo 100_7353j_zps8jrbbryc.jpg
On the way back along the trail, the whole mob of kids came along the same way. I told Tristen we would stop and wait for them to go by. He had a little hissy fit and pouted and refused. I got his arm and assured him that if he would not do as he was told I would have no problem giving him a smack no matter who saw me. He sat.......
 photo 100_7370_zpsh2kt76je.jpg
He was still sulking and asked how long we must wait. I said "Until your attitude changes", and then," and you wont get you toy back either unless it happens quickly". That did the trick, he was fine and the kids had all gone so we continued on our way
 photo 100_7316_zpsm8efxm2c.jpg
We got home and he was playing outside while I worked in the garden. I went in to start supper and a lady stopped by to tell me Tristen was playing (with his car) on the side of the road, I mean actually in the road. When she left he denied it and said he would wait at the edge for Granddad. I told him no he would not, that he had to come inside because I could not watch him. He said NO!!!! What? we do not tell Nanny no. So I told him to get inside.......that was another big no. Finally he came up to me and I physically had to pull him inside screaming. Off to his room he went. Bawling of course. He got real quiet and didn't come down when Gerry got home. Gerry went upstairs. Tristen was asleep. He didn't wake up either, just gave Gerry a smile............and he is still out. Hope for a good nights sleep tonight. He woke up last night and came crashing in our room, a bad dream he said, he slept on our floor. Today it was a busy and active day at school they are winding down and had games and a party,so poor kid is exhausted.

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NanaDiana said...

Janice, God bless you. I know you have your hands full at times and are doing as best you can. Tristen is getting so big I can hardly believe it. I know that age can be trying and I know he has some other problems to deal with, too....which, ultimately, become your problems. I hope he gets a good night's sleep...and that you do, too. xo Diana