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Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Afternoon...............

The rain stopped and this morning I got the floor washed and the carpets cleaned. Well the rugs that Gerry didn't do yesterday. SO after lunch Gerry volunteered to take us to the park. Tristen had wanted to go for a bike ride. We packed up his bike and helmet and off we went. Well, the park was packed. Gerry was ready to not go in but I said just park over the other side.We can let him ride from there. So we got him going on his bike. There had been a school field trip of some kind and it seems this is the week for that. Last week of school. There were fire engines there and they were just getting back to the fire house that is just by the park. So............
 photo 100_7474_zpss5foxbew.jpg
we asked if he could see the fire engines.
 photo 100_7477_zpsglbmk4xd.jpg
 photo 100_7479_zpsxl9yj8nw.jpg
 photo 100_7481_zps804wlhyf.jpg
This nice man explained everything for Tristen and showed where they keep the ladders hidden in pockets in the truck. The first truck has a huge water tank and he was so nice explaining things. Then the 2nd truck Tristen got to sit in.
 photo 100_7482u_zpsfgsxds2d.jpg
 photo 100_7484_zpsoexdwh4t.jpg
 photo 100_7484j_zps6fvvlaeo.jpg
He turned on the lights and sirens and about blew out my ear drums
 photo 100_7488j_zpszjo76wzw.jpg
He was given a little helmet and was thrilled. I am also thrilled that all the fire departments have such a compassion for children and the patience to give the little ones such a thrill.
 photo 100_7489_zpsaavpgn0a.jpg
I try to instill in Tristen that the firemen (we said hello to one in a restraunt a few weeks ago) and policemen are the good guys, and to thank them. I try to do the same when we see police officers especially if they have dogs.
So next we threw his new toy that he has been anxious to play with. Reminding him that it was good that we kept it in the car. He had wanted to take it out.
 photo 100_7492_zpsf9whmcvu.jpg
 photo 100_7494_zpsuyth8um7.jpg
He had fun with that and running around after his biking he was rather tired. Gerry drove the van over the the playground now everyone had left. Tristen got a drink of water and was revived.
 photo 100_7500u_zpsoqim14ax.jpg
 photo 100_7502_zpsomb7pbct.jpg
It took him awhile to get his bike to the park because he was tired out. However the puddle was irresistable
 photo 100_7498j_zpsyjaxe93c.jpg
Then he wanted to go and play because he saw a couple of kids there. He always finds someone to play with
 photo 100_7503_zpsdyhhvxkn.jpg
 photo 100_7506_zpsanusyyry.jpg
He even let the little one play with his toys.
 photo 100_7505_zpsachjkobj.jpg
We finally got him into the car but he didn't want to go home so we went out to Moomers. Notice his red face under the blue icecream, he was hot and tired
 photo 100_7514_zpsplipgomg.jpg
 photo 100_7517hy_zpst4ql0qpg.jpg
 photo 100_7516u_zpsrudm1nie.jpg
Here we are mooing
 photo 100_7518j_zps0qsg3nqq.jpg
After we left there we stopped by the Twin Lakes park, it was on the way home so why not. He was still not ready to go home.
Of course he found a friend.'A nice couple were watching their grandson and were happy to see us.
 photo 100_7520_zpsxzuvcigk.jpg

 photo 100_7535_zpsoscouz0y.jpg
I went looking for frogs. It took me awhile of staring at the mud, once I saw the first one, I saw dozens.
 photo 100_7527i_zpsy3hym7ic.jpg
I called Tristen to come look at the tadpoles but he was not really thrilled he went back to playing.
 photo 100_7533_zpsfcpotqdq.jpg
I had spend a bit of time trying to get a picture of one tadpole I had seen, then I saw this swarm of them.
 photo 100_7526i_zpstia1solw.jpg
This time we did head for home. It was getting close to the time when school gets out and then the roads are congested. So off for home we went just in time to avoid the traffic.
I am planning out some adventures for the comming weeks. Reina will be around more, Raylene is going down with her mother for the summer. Thats OK we will find a lot to do for Reina and Tristen and keep us all busy. Its fun finding new things to do and to teach and get them interested in the outdoors. Tristen will be going to "camp" two days a week. That will give me time to get what has to be done, done around here. The rest of the time that Laura is not working we will be out of here
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